Cineplex is a
Canadian entertainment company and operates numerous businesses within Cineplex
(“Cineplex Entertainment”). This
Canadian entrainment company offers film entertainment, theatrical exhibition,
food services, amusement, digital commerce and digital signage (“Cineplex Entertainment”). Cineplex Inc. was originally called Galaxy
Entertainment (1999-2003), Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund (2003-2011), and
Cineplex Galaxy (2003-2005) (“Cineplex Odeon
Corporation – Company Profile”). In 1912, the
Famous Players Film Corporation was founded by Adolph Zukor (“Cineplex Odeon Corporation – Company
Profile”). Sixty-seven years later in 1979, Cineplex Odeon Corporation
was created by Garth Drabinsky and Nathan Taylor (“Cineplex Odeon Corporation – Company Profile”). The company
opened it’s first cineplex at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Cineplex
Odeon expanded throughout Canada, and into the US and Europe at the same time (“Cineplex Odeon Corporation – Company
Profile”). In 2003, Cineplex Odeon was emerging from bankruptcy (“Cineplex Odeon Corporation – Company
Profile”). Later in 2003 Galaxy Entertainment, formed by Ellis Jacob and
Steve Brown, merged with Cineplex Odeon and went public forming Cineplex-Galaxy
Income Trust (“Cineplex Odeon
Corporation – Company Profile”). Cineplex Galaxy acquired Famous
Players, which was double the size of the original corporation (“Cineplex Odeon Corporation – Company
Profile”). With 166 theatres, they renamed Cineplex Entertainment in
2006 (“Cineplex Entertainment”).
Cineplex Inc. owns and operates Cineplex Cinemas,
Cineplex Odeon, SilverCity, Galaxy Cinemas, Cinema City, Famous Players, Scotiabank Theatres Cineplex VIP Cinemas, Cineplex Media, WorldGaming Inc., Cineplex
Digital Media, The Rec Room, Cineplex Starburst Inc., UltraAVX and Poptopia (“Investors | Company Profile”).
Cineplex is also supported by a joint venture partnership with SCENE, which is
Canada’s largest and one of the most successful entertainment loyalty programs
(“Investors | Company Profile”).  Additionally, Cineplex operates business
through The Rec Room and will be opening a Playdium which is designed for teens
and families in the near future (“Investors
| Company Profile”). They are also opening entertainment venues known as
Topgolf to expand their business soon (“Investors
| Company Profile”). Cineplex is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and currently
operates 164 theatres with 1,676 screens from south to east, serving about 77
million guests annually (“Cineplex
Entertainment”). Cineplex is also recognized and having one of Canadas
most admired corporate culture based on their practices as a corporation (“Cineplex Entertainment”).


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