A density as a marker of response to

A wide
inter-ethnic differences in breast density has been reported, and this has led
to recommendations
to design clear screening programs and supplemental screening options taking
into consideration the breast density distribution of that population (Brian et
al., 2014). Therefore, a better understanding of the breast density of the
Saudi population and its relationship breast cancer risk could play an
indispensible role for controlling the disease. It can help governments to
consider establishing optimized screening programs and tailor imaging frequency
and pathways to improve early detection of breast cancer. Breast density data
is now being increasingly used. Results from the proposed study could
effectively contribute in improving screening programs in Saudi Arabia by
identifying the breast density distribution of Saudi women and their potential
cancer risk from density, It could also help the government in policy making
regarding the best screening methods and intervals to facilitate early breast
cancer detection.



Although there
are continuous innovations in breast cancer therapies, the number of recurrent
cancers and mortality rate continue to increase (Dunn
& DeMichele, 2009). Currently, most research
centers attempt to overcome this issue by using genetic information of patient
as a predictor of treatment response. This strategy requires advanced labs and
the waiting time to obtain this information is longer. This study will
investigate another possible predictor of treatment response, which is breast
density change. In contrast to genetic profile of patients, this predictor can
be obtained immediately from mammograms and easily accessible. Findings from
the proposed study may improve understanding of breast density as a marker of
response to therapies in Saudi women. This will facilitate better selection of
appropriate treatment interventions, thus saving more women’s lives. 

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