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A character named Margarette, the first born child of the bentleys, she was born in Saskatchewan, Canada. She is beautiful and lovable girl, the one they are waiting and praying for. She was loved by her parents they treat her like a princess. They gave everything she wants to make her happy.When she turned for 4 they registered Margarette in school. She was happy because she wanted to have friends.. Wednesday morning she was too listless and she doesn’t eat that much. She went to school and when Mrs. Bentley pick her up at 10:30 am she saw her playing with the dog on the grass. The teacher mentioned that she complained about her headache. As soon as Margarette saw Mrs. Bentley she leaned on her and said that headache was really bad. She put him in the car and started to vomit. She starts to thrash and kick her feet saying her head is really bad. On the way home she fell asleep, She placed her straight to the bed. She started vomiting at 12:30, 1:30 and 2pm. She called Philip  and she was told to get Margarette to see a doctor immediately.She took Margarette to the doctor and spent a long time with the doctor. The doctor is suspected of many things including, food poisoning, and bladder infections. Margarette began to vomit many times while we were with doctors. The doctor decided that they should take her to the hospital.Doctors at the hospital thought Margarette could have a gastrointestinal tract but she felt that it was more serious. The doctor released them, however, Margarette began to vomit again and doctors decided to keep him for further observation. The medical staff decided to enter the tube to keep Margarette hydrated. She still has a high fever of 40 C and despite having a tube, she keeps vomiting of every ml she receives. Mrs. Bentley started to become worried and her fever was still high. Margarette is dehydrated and still complaining about headaches. Mrs. Bentley called her husband to inform her about what is happening to their daughter. Philip became worried too. Finally after she vomit Mrs. Bentley insisted on something more was done. Thanks to another doctor, who is very much concerned with Margarettte, saw them. He ordered a set of tests. Finally Margarette has diagnosed with meningitis, at 8:00 am Friday morning. The results of the back pain indicate that it is meningitis. She is considered to have antibiotics, because doctors are worried that she has bacterial meningitis. Following treatments she began to look better. She slept well on Friday night and she stopped vomiting. Saturday morning she woke up bright and happy. She eat a whole breakfast, though she still has a headache. The headache was gone. She feels all better now. She is now back at school she is very happy that she doesn’t feel the pain anymore.


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