As sea level rise, that would cost more

the Gold Coat is exposed by having an extensive waterfront, rising sea levels
could wipe out the Gold Coast beaches. When the planet gets warmer, it will
result in the seawater expanding. This is called thermal expansion. The glaciers,
ice sheets or caps would also melt, and the water levels would rise, which
would in turn flood the beaches. In some cases, the beaches would naturally migrate
inland in response. More often than not, the beaches are trapped between the
rising sea levels and structures like roads and buildings, which would not
allow them to travel anywhere. If a beach is caught between the rising sea
levels and the coastal development, it would not be able to retreat inland-
this, in turn, would lead to the beaches becoming narrower. Beaches generally
have a much shallow slope. Hence, even a small amount of sea level rise would
overtake a significant portion of it and impact the beaches.

this continues to happen, the loss of beach space would decrease the
recreational area for the people living there. Sea level rise would also result
in loss of ecosystems, for example loss of habitat, and salinization of soils
may change the distribution of plants and animals.

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is not only a problem for the habitat, but also sea level rises would cost a
huge sum of money worth of damages and infrastructure. Many of Australia’s roads,
rail, port facilities and airports are on the coastal area near the beach. If
there is a 1.1 meter sea level rise, that would cost more than $200 billion
worth of infrastructure that is at risk. (Fitzsimmons, 2014)


levels are rising internationally, specifically around the Australian
coastline- which would continue to higher up through this century. With global
increases that are consistent, sea levels have been increased in Australia at
an average rate of 2.1 mm/year over the past half century. The sea level rise
projections in Australia show that the progression of sea level rises during
the 21st century will be even better compared to the prior four
decades for all scenarios. Figure 1 below shows that the projected amount of
regional sea-level rise is most significant for RCP8.5 and smallest for RCP2.6-
which is the lowest concentration scenario.


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