Betting it presents to those who do bet

Betting adverts:
jackpot mbao

Sports betting is an
undertaking of predicting sports results and placing an odd on
the outcome of which you like. The frequency of sports bet upon depends by
culture, with the best parts of bets being placed on association to
football in Kenya, at both the amateur and professional levels.

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Betting is the fever
that has taken Kenyans by storm. But that is only because the technology has
changed; it is said that change is inevitable. That is the only new thing. In
this era of the smartphone, you can bet on anything in the world from wherever
you are in it. This makes the joys and misery immediate but more important; the
news goes viral there and then with the fast sharing bloggers and those
who want to show off their easily made cash.

News about the
newly-fabricated millionaires and the newly dead from self-slaughtered incidences
reach us in a flicker in our places of work, worship places, restaurants,
market places, washrooms and while commuting as long as you can access a mobile
phone and data bundles in some cases.

Let us get things
straight and just accept that betting here to stay, trust me.  It can’t just disappear for as long as a sports
competition is taking place somewhere in the world; ‘digital village?’ Right? Some
people are just accustomed to betting on who will win and who will lose. Some
do it carefully and others ferociously.

is an advert done by a sports betting company the betting site from
Kenya. The advert is trying to sell concept of betting for the A-1 price in the
site apart from all the other offers up for grabs. It involves placing a bet
with as little as Ksh 20 for a price over Ksh 20 million.   This is  the lowest price being offered in Kenya by a
betting company for the jackpot price money. All this in a call to action for
those who bet to try out their platform in a chance to win.

The advert uses
different  ways to sell itself, through
print, audio and visual or online and it presents to those who do bet and the
doubting Thomas’s too. It shows how easy it can be to win by spending little
amount of money of which will sink in to many people considering the tough
economic times that we are living in. Also considering it is done by most
people who are jobless and idle or those who earn little and are willing to try
their luck by prediction.

The general context of
the advert in the visual aspect is that people go around their every day
activities  of which they are about to
spend twenty shillings then they think about it and see opportunity presenting
itself in plain sight only if they try their luck. They then proceed to place
their bet only for them to win. This appeals to those who bet and those who
want to join in the bandwagon A bandwagon appeal makes consumers believe they
are missing out by addressing the consumer’s need to belong. They also use
statistics to show how many winners have been lucky since the begging of the
advert or the promotion.

About the charges. The charges
dictated by the betting firms, affect how willing one is to try place a bet on
the jackpot games. For Shabiki Jackpot Mbao the price offered is quite
relatable with many who feel spending a hundred shilling is excessive waste of
money given that it’s all about guess work and that also chances are ninety
nine percent of the outcome is that one will lose.

This means that being
placed at a lower price, many are able to afford the offer, and are also
willing to place more bets of different outcomes for the same amount so as to
maximize their chances to become winners and walk away rich. Many who earn less
see this as an opportunity to grow rich effortlessly of which it may have worked
for others while others lose.

The target audience
that is intended is that of  the lower
earning citizen and the youths mostly thus this advert will made to appear in search
engines and social networking sites such as facebook where they are sure many
of the youths are to be found and if you click on like the site will be appearing
on your facebook wall updating you on the awaited games to take place over the

How to improve the ad
for airing in 2050

Refine Your Advert

Take time to do
research, this way it will be easier to know who your customers are. To attract
them you’ll have to create captivating adverts. To do this exhaustively, you’ll
want to include your targeted keywords in the advert, which you can do with
softwares made available online to make it easy e.g google Adwords.

When creating your
advert, use language that will make you stand out from your competitors, like
using humour.

Select the Right Times

Another way to improve
your advert, is to base your advert around seasons. For example, when the Kenyan
premier league is at its peak or when the world cup is airing that would be a
great time to do the advert and push people to place their bets on the
countries they feel best will win.

people enjoying the price money

That’s more like it, a
brand new car will want to make people try betting more regularly. A mansion on
the hills and a pool at the back is a luxury life which seems carefree but doesn’t
hurt a soul. This gives people urge to try it.

dynamic display adverts

Adverts need to be
eye-catching. Growing fatigue around static banner adverts, and newspapers we
should use marketers being able to try out and be more creative and engaging –
and indeed more useful – ways of presenting their content.This drives highly
qualified traffic and improves sales conversion.

adverts to increase engagement

How do you decide
exactly what content to put in your advert? The clever use of data, cookies and
real-time information will allow marketers to create online display advertising
that is relevant and personalised, engaging the right people with the right

You can unlock the
sales potential in your data by presenting the right goods to the right
people (at the right time).

For example, google
tracks what you do and suggests more of what is related to what you search.having
such information at your fingertips as a betting firm could deploy this into
dynamic advert, which consumers will be more likely to click on – and then
convert through.


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