Charlie’s lost Algernon because they used to race

Charlie’s life  is not what he expected after the surgery!  Charlie Gordon had low intelligence and wasn’t smart at all.  But he wasn’t lonely before he did he surgery.  He did a surgery that would cure him. The surgery did get him smarter but lonely.  Then there was a symptom that made him not have high intelligence anymore.  To my way of thinking Charlie is better before the surgery.The first reason is Charlie was lonely after the surgery.  Before the surgery his friends at the factory used to make fun of him but in a nice and joke way. Charlie said,”People don’t talk to me much anymore or kid around the way they used to. It makes the job kind of lonely.” He didn’t know that they were making fun of him.  After the surgery his friends started to dislike him because he was smart.  Also after the surgery he lost Algernon and then he was lonely. He was lonely when he lost Algernon because they used to race and Charlie became intelligent like Algernon.The second reason is before the surgery he didn’t worry that much.  In other words less pressure.  When he quit his job he was very upset.  He is upset because the people at the factory signed a petition which made him angry.  He was also very upset when his friend Algernon died.  He was anxious that the same thing that happened to Algernon would happen on him too because they did the same operation.  He left to N.Y. because he became not so smart again and he was concerned he will get made fun of more.  So he decided to go to a place where no one knows that he smart than became not so intelligent again.The last reason is he didn’t know what the outcome of doing this surgery.  It wasn’t clear enough for him. He didn’t realize that he will be smart than all the sudden lose his intelligence. He didn’t notice that he was going to lose his friends.  He didn’t know that he would have to leave to N.Y.  He didn’t notice that he will quit his job that he liked. According to the text charlie said, “The first I knew of it was when Mr. Donnegan showed me the petition. Eight hundred and forty names, everyone connected with the factory, except Fanny Girden. Scanning the list quickly, I saw at once that hers was the only missing name. All the rest demanded that I be fired.”People who believe that Charlie was better after the surgery claim that he got smarter and understood what people are saying and that’s what he wanted. But other people may say that he was very lonely.  Opponents may say he was able to read and write. But proponents may say that he lost his knowledge afterwards.  People who believe that Charlie was better off before the surgery may claim that he got a better sense of the world.  Proponents will say if he didn’t lose his intelligence after then he would’ve been a normal person to the society.In conclusion Charlie was better of before the surgery. This is right because Charlie was lonely after the surgery and lost all of his friends. Charlie didn’t know what will happen next after the surgery.  He did get smarter but then lost his intelligence again. Charlie worried about a lot of things after the surgery. For example he was anxious that he would die like Algernon because they both had the same operation.


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