Ethics conflict free minerals for their developing processes,

Ethics are the beliefs about right and wrong
behavior. Smart phone technology is a widely spread technology in all over the
world. Due to its complexity, huge competition and individual behavior patterns
set of ethical issues are blooming in the society. Thus, there is huge
discussion on the society whether smart phone technology is good or bad.
Whether it is good or bad, in today world anyone cannot stay away of the smart
phones as it is more familiar with day today activities. The only thing is to
adapt the ethical approach by removing ethical issues related with this

Adaptation to the Ethical approach for the
smart phone technology is important as it help to develop the technology as
well as to increase the demand. It will contribute to society and human well-being.
As smart phone developers tend to use conflict free minerals for their
developing processes, it help to decrease the harmfulness for the human health.
Thus, people used to attract more with technology.

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If app developers
adhere to the laws and regulations related to the data protection and personal
data collection, most of the ethical issues can be reduced. Accordingly a child
as well as an adult can use the smart phones without fearing of spreading their
personal data. Thus, they take the full use of the technology. It is important
for the technology as it help for the increment of the popularity.

Another way
establishing ethical approaches for the smart phone technology is help to
reduce criminal cases thus it will lead to the protection of social




Adaptation to the
Ethical approach is essential for the IT professional for their professional
development. It will help to understand the social responsibility of them.
Thus, professionals be honest and trustworthy for their profession. Also it
will help to engaging in the enhancement of the profession through active
participation in professional organizations.

There is a regulatory
framework that sets explain how IT professionals should behave. By carrying out
the profession according to that, they can protect the values of IT profession.
Furthermore it support to participate in the growth and distribution of
professional skills and knowledge. And it will help to maintain a high level of
professional competence and integrity and exercise professional decision to
assist individuals. Also by adhere to the ethical approaches IT professionals
began to respect the privacy of others and hour confidentiality. Consequently
they will try to find new technologies and by this they can reach to
professional development.



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