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Florida Medicaid Expansion


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of the most popular achievements by the Obama government was the implementation
of affordable care act. The affordable care act (Obama Care) ensured that more
Americans could access quality care at affordable costs. However, the Donald
Trump government was skeptical of the need to support Obama care. The current
president thought that a more efficient health care initiative should replace
the affordable care act. Technically, different states can choose the most
applicable eligibility criteria through which the system would select the
beneficiaries of Medicaid. Within this premise, states like Florida have
proposed Medicaid expansion initiatives that befit them. That said, this paper
dwells on the different news coverage of the issues of Medicaid expansion in

Neutral Contribution to Medicaid

Tolbert, in a HuffPost article, contributes to the burning issues of health
reforms by providing explain how states ended up restructuring their health
policies. The article enlightens the audience of the new provision that
redirects Obamacare spending to the states so that the decision on Medicare
spending becomes a state responsibility. He approaches the issues from a
neutral perspective by stating both the benefits and the limitation. One of the
benefits is that states can customize Medicaid to suit its population
characteristics. Conversely, the issue of variations in consumer preference and
the disparities in health care coverage is still pertinent (Tolbert).

Positive Contribution to Medicaid

Hatter, in a WFSU public media post, seas the Florida health choices as the
Medicaid expansion vehicle. In other words, Hatter provides an optimistic
opinion on Medicaid expansion. The Medicaid expansion plan ensures that more
people benefit. It expands into private health plans using federal money.
Hatter presents some responses by Florida’s legislature and demonstrates the
general opinion that the working population needs to contribute to Medicaid
expansion for better services (Hatter).

 Dave Denslow’s contribution in the Gainesville
article features on the positive effects of expanded care on improved mental
health. Through this article, it is clear that the expansion of medical care in
Florida could have some positive impacts on the health care coverage. Denslow
feels bases his arguments on an empirical establishment that expanded Medicaid
caused more low-income patients to seek health care services. As such, the cost
incurred by the low-income earners to access healthcare services is
comparatively lower than the price initiated by the work requirements. Besides
Medicaid initiatives allows healthcare facilities to improve the level of
service delivery due to the increased resource level (Denslow).

Negative Contribution to Medicaid

Alonso-Zaldivar, reporting in ABC News, provides a negative opinion on the move
by states to include work requirements in their Medicaid policies. In his mind,
while the Affordable Care Act’s expansion strategy may become obsolete,
adoption of the work requirements on Medicaid would increase coverage among
Americans at the expense of low-income people. The introduction of the work requirement
in Medicaid brings arguably reduces potential health care costs for the state.
However, this reduction is at the expense of accessible health care. If fewer
people subscribe to the expanded Medicaid, then fewer people will afford
quality and cheap healthcare (Alonso-Zaldivar).

 The Sun Sentinel editorial board also provides
opinions regarding Florida’s legislative attempt to eliminate the need for
health facilities to obtain state permission before expansion. The article
discusses the dangers of open market forces on hospitals. The move will lead to
suboptimal utilization of healthcare resources by the consumers.  Mainly, healthcare is an essential commodity.
As such, hospitals can hike prices to cater for the expenditure that relates to
the underutilized resources that they have provided. Alternatively, they can
reduce the quality of care to save costs. Based on such arguments, the move to
expand Medicaid coverage by allowing for the free expansion of the hospitals
foolhardy (Sun Sentinel Editorial Board). 

Rationale for Discussing Medicare

US government prioritizes the provision of affordable healthcare to all the
American dwellers. However, the government has faced with counterarguments on
the appropriateness of healthcare reforms. More so, health care policies by the
former president Obama’s regime played center stage in the last presidential
elections. Besides, the Supreme Court allowed the different states to decide
their expenditure on the health care. As such, conversations about expanded
Medicaid are state-specific. Since Florida was among the regions that opposed
the Medicaid expansion initiatives, the attempt to make pro-Medicaid policies
spurs an immediate need to understand different perspectives. As such, the
above analogy explains the interest in the topic “Florida’s Medicaid


conclusion, the discussion about appropriateness and inappropriateness of the
proposed Medicaid expansion policies in Florida depends on one’s perspective.
The Medicaid expansion proposal by Florida’s legislature has several flaws.
However, it is not only practical but also beneficial to the society. With a
few improvements, the policy can propel the state towards the achievement of
the required goals. For instance, the policymakers need to develop the
appropriate payment strategy for the low-income earners as well as the control
mechanisms that bind healthcare providers and insurers. That said, the Medicaid
expansion initiative is a positive step towards enhancing healthcare provision.












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