For believe that this website is a great

For this
activity I have chosen the The first thing I noticed when I
opened this website is that it can track your pregnancy. All you have to do is
enter the due date and it will transform the baby to match your pregnancy. I
believe this will help the mother actually see what the baby is going through
inside of the womb. My friend used an app on her phone that tracked her
pregnancy and she loved it.

            Another resource I noticed is that
if you are trying to conceive it has tips and resources that you can turn to.
It will help you calculate and detect your ovulation period. It also has a
nutrition calendar while you are trying to conceive. It tells you signs of
pregnancy and how to read pregnancy test. There is so much more on this website
to help a women get pregnant. It really is a great place if you are trying to
get pregnant for the first time.

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            Another tab that stood out to me is
the fertility solutions. Many women today have fertility problems but there are
solutions for this. The website has many articles on fertility problems so most
likely that can help anyone. It helps woman understand the common causes of the
problem and solutions that can help solve the problem. Another tab that can
help is the fertility treatments that women can go through. In this section it
even has the adoption tab that you can click on. This also has many articles to
help you understand the adoption progress.

            Overall I really do believe that
this website is a great source for women who are pregnant or trying to get
pregnant. The resources used is very helpful and easy to understand. This
website is not just for getting pregnant it also has tabs for toddlers, pre
school, and a big kid tab. So this makes it useful all mothers to use. I would
recommend this website to any mother or women who is pregnant or trying to
become pregnant.  


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