How often known as the “storehouse” of minerals.

How do the natural characteristics of Canada influence human activity, and how might human activity influence Canada’s natural characteristics?Canadian ShieldThe Canadian Shield was formed in the Precambrian area by volcanoes. Since then, the Canadian Shield was weathered and eroded by glaciers. Today, the Canadian shield is the largest, oldest landform in Canada. (MAP BY HOLLY O’ROURKE/THE CANADIAN ENCYCLOPEDIA) Canadian Shield has an abundance of minerals, which is why it is often known as the “storehouse” of minerals. We use the Canadian shield for mining lead, gold, copper, nickel, etc. However, because the Canadian Shield is popular; there has been a depletion in the amount of minerals due to overmining. The minerals mined provide materials for the manufacturing industry. Not to mention; there are various tools used to mine the minerals, which results in pollution as well. Soil/VegetationIn Canada, the climate we have varies quite a bit. The varying climate results in different types of soil, where two processes called leaching and calcification play a big role in soils in Canada. Leaching occurs when there is excessive precipitation, where the water from the rain extracts the nutrients that plants need in the soil. However, soils that have been leached can be used for farming, only if fertilizers are added to the soil. Additionally, calcification occurs when the climate has less precipitation (dry). Since the soil cannot hold moisture (the water evaporates) the nutrients are extracted to form a rich topsoil, which may be poisonous to plants. The aftermath of the differing soils results in differing types of vegetation.ForestsSome examples of the forests in Canada are: boreal and taiga forest, mixed forest, etc. Boreal and Taiga ForestThe boreal and taiga forest surrounds part of hudson bay. The forest consists of white and black spruce, pine, fir, etc. The precipitation in this area results in leaching, so the trees that are grown can survive in cooler climate. However, the needles of the trees are acidic, which makes the soil unsuited for other trees.”Taiga Landscape in Quebec, Canada, dominated by Black Spruce”      2. Mixed ForestThe mixed forest is in eastern Canada. The forest consists of maple, beech, ash, oak, birch, spruce, fir, etc. The topsoil in the mixed forest are rich in nutrients, and the soil absorbs water well. There isn’t too much precipitation, so the soil isn’t subject to leaching, nor calcification. One way we use the soil is agriculture, or in other words; farming. The soil in the mixed forest is great for farming because of the rich soil and the ability to absorb water. However, the soil in the boreal and taiga forest has acidic soil, which is unsuited for agriculture. As mentioned before, because of the pollution created, the climate is changing (global warming). The soil depends on the climate, so warmer weather means more precipitation. The outcome of more precipitation is leeching, which will eventually lead to the soil being unacceptable for farming.The forests, however, are mainly used for lumber. The boreal and taiga forest, as well as the mixed forest provides resources for the lumbering companies. There are less trees in these regions because of all of the tree cutting. Not to mention, the tools and processing of the wood creates pollution.OceansCanada is surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The fishing industry in Canada is huge. We catch many different types of fish on the east and west coast, such as cod, sockeye, chum, and more. Although Canada earns money from this large fishing business, there is an even larger price to pay. The overfishing results in possible extinction of these fish. The fishing industry has already harvested years worth of fish, as they’re already fishing baby fish.Types of salmon caught on the west coast. the canadian shield, to soil/vegetation, to oceans, one thing is clear; the natural characteristics of Canada influence human activity, and human activity definitely influences Canada’s natural characteristics.


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