I I also think that having this kind

I personally have a deep interest in having a for profit
company that involves sports. I would like to build a centre that has
activities such as basketball, swimming, hockey, volleyball, soccer, badminton,
soccer, and a fitness room. I like this kind of company because I think that I
will make a good profit for it and I also think that having this kind of
company will make you rich.


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This would be a for profit business that you could have an
access by getting membership of it. To use any of the facilities in the centre,
you must have a membership by purchasing it by the front desk. This business
will be a Sole Proprietorship because I’m going to be the one who will own this

There’s two goals in this business, one of the goals in this
business is to make people happy and the second goal of this business is I want
people who has goals to become fit while having fun to have a place like this
sports centre. The first goal of this business it to make people happy because
you have different kinds of things that you can do in this centre. For example.
If you want to become muscular and fit, there is a fitness centre or if you are
into sports there is a basketball, soccer, volleyball and other fun stuff that
you can do.

The second goal of this this business is I want the people
who has a goal to become fit while having fun is to have a place like this
sports centre. It’s not all about making money. I want them to have a
convenient place to have a better health or another health and other wellness


This business uses computer system to make this more
effective business by having an active network. Non-secured Wi-fi would be a
great thing in this business because all the people nowadays has a phone,
laptop, and other stuff. By having an active network, they can easily get an
access to their social medias and other stuff by joining to this free and
non-secured network.

I think having a web page on the internet would be a great
thing to help the business. The reason being is because you could just buy your
membership in the webpage on the internet without going through the front desk
in the centre.

Phone app with be a good thing to help the business as well. Having
an app though phone will help the business. It will help the people to get an
access to the business way easy than searching up the business on the internet.
You could get the app in App store for free if you have an iPhone and if you
have an android phone, you could get it for free from play store.




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