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If you spend every free moment daydreaming about prototypes and product designs, it’s time to start thinking seriously about founding your own company. But how do you turn an exciting idea into a successful business? Follow this step by step checklist to launch your startup and keep it running strong.Lay a Foundation1) Research & Choose your marketDon’t spend time and money solving a problem nobody cares about2) Design & Develop your minimum viable productWhat essential features will your customers pay for, and how much should you charge?3) Select a business structure.LLC, Partnership, Corporation, Non-profit.4) Write a Business Plan.Make it as thorough as possible to avoid surprises and wow investors5) Protect your assetsStake your claim on patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain names, etc,6) Pick a NameJust don’t latch onto the one you love without considering how potential customers will perceive it!Find advice & Support7) Find a co-founder or partnerFind someone who complements your strengths and weaknesses8) Find a Mentor or CommunityA supportive network can offer advice, help problems, & commiserate with typical startup strugglesGet Funded9)Choose your Funding TypeBootstrapping, Crowdfunding, loans, equity investments… compare the pros and cons before deciding10) Research compatible Investors or ServicesAn investor can offer a lot more than capital, including strategy advice & networking opportunities. If pursuing crowdfunding, compare fees, funding types, audiences, & visibility before choosing.11) Create your pitch DeskA compelling presentation gets potential investors as excited about your company as you are.Tackle Logistics12) Find your support teamBusiness bank account, insurance, lawyer, accountant….13) Make it officialRegister your business with the government to get the EIN, permits and licenses you need14) Comply with the Law.Safety Regulations, Equality Act, Work Authorization: know your legal obligations towards employeesHire your team15) Build a great team.It doesn’t stop at hiring – develop a vibrant culture to keep great talent for the long-term16) Find an office.Outgrown your garage? Find an official space for your thriving teamMarket and Sell17) Establish your brandConsider your company’s personality and purpose when developing your brand18) Research & Create Detailed Customer PersonasHow old are your customers? How much do they make? Where do they live? Hobbies and habits?19) Create a strategy.Experiment with different tactics to see what sticksMake success sustainable20) Learn from other’s mistakesKeep your startup strong by watching out for your biggest threats.21) Find tools to run your businessThe right tools can help you manage the chaos of startup life.22) Learn to lead.Your leadership style can make or break your startup, so keep soft skills a priority


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