In understood by the general public. Discussion Questions:

In “The Mistrust of Science,” Atul Gawande defines science and frames the present issue of scientific mistrust.  Science is objective observation of our incredibly complex universe by an imperfect community of open-minded researchers. Common sense and intuition provide humans with hypotheses. Yet, without analysis and testing, these methods of observation limit our potential understanding of reality. Gawande warns of the growing danger of trusting intuition over bodies of research. Awareness and trust in science catalyzes change, allowing Earth’s inhabitants to prosper. Society’s momentous decline in trust in science is regressive and lethal, sanctioning victims of gun violence and measles. Trust in pseudoscience concerning climate change promotes, without exaggeration, the potential end of humanity. Gawande presents the solution of pushing the truth of scientific observation and exposing the toxic pattern of “bad science” instead of directly contradicting pseudoscientific arguments. Gawande acknowledges the ever-changing, indefinite nature of science and encourages the graduates, and readers alike, to pursue the scientific journey towards truth.

            A single swipe to scroll on Twitter or Facebook reveals the prevalence of pseudoscientific brainwashing in 2018. Atul Gawande describes a frightening reality where the chaos of life is amplified by the static of intuition and “common sense.” We are experiencing an era of anti-Enlightenment instead of the scientific revolution we desperately need. I agree with Guwande’s reference to “The Debunking Handbook.” Leveling science and pseudoscience by directly combating intuitive claims with research results is dangerous because it validities illogical reasoning. “The Mistrust of Science” is an inspiring read, but I feel that Gawande makes the assumption that everyone is scientifically literate. I agree with his notion of educating the public, but I believe the scientific community should work toward making knowledge acquired through research easily accessible and understood by the general public.

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Discussion Questions:

1.     Are we experiencing an Anti-Enlightenment? Has this sort of regression happened before?

Why did educated conservatives stop trusting science


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