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    It was January 2012 and it was only one week before my 9th birthday. At the time my little eight year old heart wanted one and only one thing: it was a red ferrari 458. At the time I first saw it on T.V I knew I had to have it. When my parents asked what I wanted for my birthday I immediately said without any doubt in my voice that I wanted a Ferrari. When I said this my parents both looked at each other and did not respond. At this I thought that they meant yes. The remaining days till my birthday I was so excited. I kept on thinking about what I would do with my new car, because I knew my parents would come through for me. Eventually after an eternity, My birthday finally arrived. I ran down the stairs to open my presents, but when I opened all my gifts I found out that I had not gotten a Ferrari for my birthday. I felt bad at the moment but I realized that it was ok. Then I just shrugged and blew off the candles on my birthday cake.     My story of me not getting what I wanted for my birthday is a lot like Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let me Go. In chapter 22 of Never Let me Go it talks about how Tommy and Kathy find out that there is no such thing as a “deferral”, and although they are disappointed, Miss. Emily tells them that they are still very fortunate compared to other clones in the past and future: “‘Yes that’s true. But think of it. You were better off than many who came before you. And who knows what those who come after you will have to face'” (266). My story and Never Let me Go have a strong connection to each other: The main character(s) of both stories learn that life isn’t always fair and how you should be thankful because there are people in the world that are living harder lives than you. On my ninth birthday I learned and accepted the fact life isn’t perfect and even if I don’t a Ferrari I still have everything I need: Things that not all people have. And just like me Tommy and Kathy both accepted the fact that they couldn’t get a referral, and although they were disappointed they learned from Miss. Emily that they were lucky because other clones in the past didn’t end up as well as Tommy and Kathy.


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