Karl is what enslaves the proletarians. By doing

Marx and Frederick Engels in their book The Communist Manifesto argue that all societies
through the entirety of history have gone through class struggle.

      The first section of the pamphlet discusses
the development of societies through class struggle. Which means the conflict
that occurs between the working and ruling class. Up to this point the
blueprint of societies has always had an oppressive ruling class controlling
the majority. The bourgeois or ruling class has oppressed and exploited the proletarians
or working class through the private ownership of land. The bourgeoisie use the
proletariats for labor while taking in majority of the profits and capital.
Capital is the profits or private property of the bourgeois that is their
wealth. This system will eventually cause class struggle and eventually end in
revolution. At this time communism should be put into place.

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      The second section discusses the
relationship between communists and proletarians and what communism will
ultimately succeed at doing. Communism wants to get rid of the bourgeois
property because this is what enslaves the proletarians. By doing this, it will
put the means of production, which are the instruments and methods of producing
goods in the hands of the proletariats. Several steps are offered to the
working class so they can eventually gain complete power once all ownership of
property is eliminated. Once power is gained they should terminate all class

      The third section discusses the
distinctions of communism from the rest of the social systems during this time.
Communism ultimately rejects all of these systems because they will inevitably lead
to conflict between classes.

      The concluding section discusses the communist’s
opinion on conflicts in European countries and that these countries are nearing
a bourgeois revolution. The document concludes by proclaiming a communist
revolution and the final words are “Working men of all countries, unite!”



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