Law fengrossment person. I have a broad interest

                Law intrigues me. The development in
the law and the way it adapts to an ever changing society has fascinates me
extensively. I have always been a determined and fengrossment person. I have a broad
interest in law subject. I am at my best when challenged, have the skills to
manipulate evidence and enjoy evaluating the microcosm of human relations.

            Since 16, I
started to have interest in my History subject. To deepen my knowledge, I
decided to forgo my science subjects and choose art subjects in college. I have
improved my understanding of the law by taking Economics, Law and Mathematics
in A-Level. The combination of subjects has developed my skills of arguing,
analysis and evaluation that are significant when studying law.

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            With regards
to Economics, I learned the way how business economics so appropriately blends with
law in daily issues. I have able to view many economics analytically and make
suggestions regarding relevant improvements in law and current affairs. Next, I
enjoy learning different aspects field of Law, how the English Legal System
operates and influence the society. I enjoy taking up pleasure in reading primary
sources and present persuasive arguments in a clear, reasoned and logical way.
A good lawyer requires good decision making skills. Mathematics accustomed me to a logical approach in solving

            After completing A-Level, I have
undertaken work experience in a company named Tricor (Services). I have learned
wealth of local knowledge to provide expert advice on running business. It
provides me wide range of integrated training, advisory services especially in
the field of law advisory. I
discovered how a law firm operates by writing official letter or memorandum or
articles to their clients. I was given a chance to assist in maintaining the
lists of securities shareholders and implementing corporate actions.

            My enthusiasm towards
law studies seems superficial, so I joined in an international law firm, Naqiz
& Partner Advocates & Solicitors. I was given a chance to switch in different
departments: commercial department, banking & finance department and
conveyancing department. Under commercial department, I learned how they
provide advice to varied client base on wide range of corporate and commercial
legal matters. In finance department, handling all forms of loan and financing
transactions including documentation ranging from Traditional Loan Agreements are
complicated, but I do enjoy. Plus, I assisted a case in County Court, observing
the work of both barrister and judge, how the impact of lawyer’s professions could
affect the outcome of the case. I love the satisfaction when I saw a client
smiling at the lawyer’s hard work after completing each cases. This has
reinforced my choice to read law. Law may involves simple matters likes helping
someone to buy a house, transfer the ownership of assets, but it helps needy
people whether serving justice in a court room. I’m sure that I can’t find any
of these satisfaction in others job.

            During high school, I participated in
few extra-curricular activities. I had the privilege of becoming head of
librarian. Through this, I had the chances of giving speeches to my contemporaries
from others schools, which trained me to speak in front of people without any
fear. I also chaired the Student Council where I had actively organised numbers
of my school’s welfare and took expeditions representing the school as an
ambassador. I took part in interschool debating, this has further improving my
communication skills immensely, able to provide strong arguments and points to
support my own opinion, which is significant in the career of legal profession.

            In the
university, I joined A-Level Students Club. I was exposed to mooting, which is
completely different with debating or public speaking. It involves parts of
persuasive advocacy instead of supporting own opinion. I understand the
importance of applying those propositions in order to argue which I tend to
make extensive submissions in the past, which is not accurate. Mooting might be
nerve cracking but it is fun! Academically, I was awarded by A-Level Department
for achieving the “Best Law Student” award for my entire intake. My desire to
study law has firmly rooted in my mind.

this, I enjoy reading and exercising to loosen up. I may not be amongst the
best in sports, I do practice to maintain overall health. A lawyer must be able
to read and write. One of my favourite fiction book related to law is “To Kill
A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. The author uses the characters to present the
civil rights and racism in United States. An attorney who hopelessly strives to
prove the innocent black man accused of rape. This has exposed to me both the
dark and light side of law, which motivated me to study law to eliminate injustice.
Law seems to be extremely difficult and challenging but I’m passionate in
overcoming all the problems.

my experiences thus far, I feel I will be suited for law degree. I always work
hard to the best of my ability in order to achieve my goals and develop the
career that I wish for. My personal qualities, academically and socially well
equipped, build me an appropriate candidate as a law student. I hope that you
will award me with the privilege of an offer from your university for my chosen


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