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(Logan’s Fall)YouTube star Logan Paul has been all over the news recently for filming a dead body in Aokigahara Forest, also known as Suicide Forest. The video has since been taken down, but there is still a lot of controversy regarding the incident on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, the video has already been downloaded and uploaded to other video streaming sites. In addition, YouTube recently released a statement regarding the issue and taken steps to penalise Logan for breaching Youtube’s terms of service.Logan has been on holiday in Japan for 5 days, whilst filming daily vlogs at the same time. During that time, he visited landmarks such as the Tsukiji fish market and several temples. However, not everything went smoothly, as he was very loud and disrespectful during his visit at the temple, and was kicked out of it for filming without a permit. While he was being kicked out, Logan’s translator had to apologise on behalf of Logan. Not only that, he also went to the famous Japan fish market, a place for chiefs to go buy there fishes for the day. But of course, he was not there to buy fishes or learn about the fish market culture. ¬†Instead, he went there just to jump onto moving trucks and be a total hindrance to the workers there. Although he does buy a fish and a squid leg in the end, he does not even eat it. Instead, he goes around the city centre of tokyo and starts provoking random citizens with it by waving it in their faces. But what he does with the food afterwards is even worse – he just leaves the fish and the squid leg in a random taxi’s boot. This is extremely disrespectful as the taxi is used as a commercial vehicle and the driver is left to clean up Logan’s mess.As if it were bad enough already, it still is not the worst yet. Logan and his friends also dressed up as pokemons and began to throw soft poke balls at cars and citizens. He also ran into a random restaurant and starting throwing the ball at the store owner. Unsurprisingly, he was pulled over by the police, but then he even threw the ball at the officer as well. All this is evidence that he is very disrespectful and cares little about the tradition of Japanese people and respecting the local customs. Finally, we come to the infamous deleted suicide forest video. This video has gained a lot of notoriety due to the press, as not only is it offensive to the family of the suicide victim, but also violated youtube’s terms of service. Since this video has gone viral, a lot of famous youtubers such as pewdiepie, jacksepticeye, Philip DeFranco and actor Aaron Paul came out and spoke about this matter. The video started off with Logan and his friends going to the Aokigahara Forest to go camping, and them walking towards the forest and going off the trail, which is where they encountered the body. But instead of walking away from the body, one of his friends insisted on walking towards the body and filming it. He and his friends were not only being disrespectful, but they were also laughing and joking about it.YouTube has since issued a statement regarding the issue and took action, including removing his YouTube red show “the thinning” as well as removing his YouTube channel from Youtube preferred, which allows the youtuber to have a higher chance of getting advertised. Personally, I feel like this a step towards the right direction, but I don’t think it will be enough. It will not affect Logan’s YouTube career whatsoever, removing his show and YouTube preferred will only earn him less money, but won’t solve the overall problem that he has caused. Temporarily removing his YouTube channel will be a better action, as it will show the community and other YouTubers that if you violate their terms and condition, the action will be significant. to


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