Many seen is innovation in health. Health innovation

Many innovations have a social
dimension that serves as a gathering. One area where the social dimension of
innovation is most clearly seen is innovation in health. Health innovation can
be defined as the introduction of a new concept, idea, service, process, or
product aimed at improving treatment, diagnosis, education, outreach,
prevention and research, and with the long term goals of improving quality,
safety, outcomes, efficiency and costs. Health innovations do not only improve
the lives of individuals, but they also make the resources of society more
efficient. The main objectives are to reduce the inefficiency of transporting
health services by persons, facilitating access to services, reducing costs,
increasing quality, and making medicine unique. The USA is leading the way in
health innovations, but also the other countries have significant success. But
which are these innovations that have left a good impact in our lives?

Some of the innovations that are
rated as the best :

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Echopixel – It takes information
from CT and MRI, examines and shows it into 3-D holographic images where you
can see and act on tissues and organs as if they were genuine physical items.
Restorative 3-D imaging is not new, but the way organs seem to fly out of the
screen and the straightforwardness at which life systems can be controlled has
never been found in medication. And this is invented by Dr. Judy Yee.

Head transplant – Italian doctor
Sergio Canavero and his Chinese colleague Ren Xiaoping will become the first
two doctors in the world to perform the head transplant. To carry out the
difficult procedure, they have a volunteer, 30-year-old Valery Spiridonov, who
suffers from a rare illness. The patient will at that point be placed in a
medication initiated trance (in coma) for a month while the association between
the head and body mends. It’s the reattachment procedure that is the most
improbable piece of this, because the doctors should reconnect all the blood vessels,
and all nerves.

Leadless Pacemakers –
It is invented accidentally by Dr. Wilson Great batch. He snatched the wrong resistor from a container
and connected it to the circuit he was making. The circuit beat for 1.8
milliseconds and after that ceased for 1 second and afterward it started
beating again. Greatbatch spotted the lub – dub rhythm.

In conclusion the health innovation
is a complex phenomenon, and the most important one. Health innovation has begun
with the human itself. This inventions are three amongst thousands from which I
could have chosen. All sciences come together to forge this area of study, thus
innovations are always sure to be made. Inventions can only cease if the human curiosity
dies, which I highly doubt will ever happen, and day by day new and more sophisticated
inventions will come which will made our lives safer.






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