My energy sectors under environmentally satisfactory conditions. The

My interest in Science
became focused at undergraduate level when Professor Ukpebor explained to us
the environmental impact of global warming caused by greenhouse gases mostly
via combustion of fossil fuels. Professor (Mrs) Edema also told us about the
indiscriminate oil spill, poor scientific use of oil well and emission of
carcinogenic gases into the atmosphere by the oil refineries in Niger-Delta
communities; if nothing is done, cancer might be a common disease in that community
in the near future. These aroused my interest in clean and renewable energy. I researched
and found out that in today’s complex and dynamic world with increasing demand
for renewable and clean energy, chemical sciences are essential in transforming
the future. Hence, I have decided to further my studies in the field of
renewable and clean energy.

My desire to acquire knowledge
and make impact in my chosen field, make me want to benefit in PTDF scholarship
program; this desire also influenced my choices of school for this program.

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My first choice, Energy
Science and Technology (MSc) at Ulm University, deals with modern technologies
for energy conversion and storage and with the scientific principles underlying
these technologies. The research-oriented program, which focusses on
electrochemical energy conversion and storage in fuel cells and batteries, will
help me acquire competent knowledge in scientific working methods and current
research; and professional skills as well as scientific competency in the area
of energy science and technology and applications.

Secondly, Energy and
Process Masters’ Program at French Institute of Petroleum (IFP), is
in line with the oil and gas industries’ competitive and innovative nature to
offer solutions to the environmental concerns; the technological challenges of
the energy transition; and the opening of markets to the competition. In
addition to technical and economic skills and expertise, this program will also
help me develop knowledge in safety and security; the environment; work
methods; and inter-personal methods in multicultural business environments. The
expertise I will acquire from this program will help me adapt
to a large number of other energy sectors under environmentally satisfactory

The Synthesis, Catalysis
and Sustainable Chemistry MSc Program at University of Lyon, which is my third
choice, will give me an overview of the new trends in designing industrial
chemical processes which are environmentally friendly and economically
feasible. This program will help me acquire skills in modern approaches currently
used in industry for limiting the environmental impact of the chemical
transformation; limiting the risks for the chemists and the users; and economical

I have worked at
Petroleum Chemistry Laboratory of American University of Nigeria (AUN) as a
research assistant, where I engaged in research works on biofuels, petroleum
etc. At AUN, I learned how to use some chromatographic and spectroscopic
machines to carry out research and laboratory works. These also propelled my
interest in my chosen field and I believe I can make great impact in this

My motivation and
enthusiasm for research; and to make impact in my chosen career, coupled with
my excellent academic performance and work experience made me join American
Chemical Society as Regular Member.

I am confident that I am
the type of candidate for this scholarship, having graduated with BSc (1st class
honours) from University of Benin. Being able to top the entire Chemistry Department
from Industrial Chemistry major, is a proof that I have the ability to work
towards my goals and I will channel this ability to my masters’ program. I hope
to return to Nigeria, a petroleum-producing nation, after graduate studies;
with innovations that will contribute to scientific, industrial and national


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