Our our political and ideological systems operate images

Our past reviews
our images. New historicism and cultural materialism are the processes of renewal of our past. This kind f
work is carried out for various purpose. New historicism shows that every
period has its own conceptual and ideological structures. People in the passed had no idea about the God, individual
or reality as we do now. Cultural materialism wants to display that our
political and ideological systems operate images and texts of the past. It serves
their interests and that these images and text can be interpreted by drastically
different substitutions that are often created by placing those images or text
in their historical background. Both new historicism and cultural materialism
are concerned at the beginning of the concept of “difference”. This concept has
become significant in explaining how both critical practices have changed in
last years. Both were absorbed in highlighting the extent to which the past
differs from the modern uses of the past, to what range the past is alien or
“different” from our modern episteme and, borrowing from Foucault and
Geertz, new historians and cultural materialists.

White notice fiction as a lingual written statement in a style that has an event in a way that gave them
logic and understanding in his “Historical Text as Literary Artifact”. Hayden
White argues that the same series of sequential events could be talked about in
different ways by highlighting the different parts of the series of events, an
action that calls “emplotment”. Hayden
White does not mean with this interference or change in the order of historical
events in historical narrative, but simply with a different structure of the
same series of events, considering essentially literary conventions and through
the different emphasis of different
events. Hayden White lists four main types of plots, tragedy, satire, comedy, and romance.

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