Overall, Lyon Mackenzie he was a journalist, member

the rebellion changed Canada in a good way. Today we have a government that we
can trust. Upper and lower Canada Rebellion have good causes and intentions.
Without Lord Durham’s report proposing to unite the Upper and Lower Canada.The
act of Union, uniting Upper and Lower Canada. Canada would not be a province
today and have a responsible government.

the year 1841, Upper and Lower Canada united into one colony by the Act of
Union. The goal of the Act of Union was to abolish the legislatives of Upper
and Lower Canada and to create s new entity, The “Province of
Canada”. Lower Canada became Canada East and Upper Canada became Canada
West. French Canadians suspected with an argument that the purpose of the union
was to comprehend and destroy French influence. 
Robert Baldwin from Canada West and Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine from
Canada East were the two politicians that formed a coalition both sides agreed
to work together. By working within the Act of Union they believed that they
could achieve their objective to have a responsible government. Lord Sydenham,
Sir Charles Metcalfe and Sir Charles Bagot they are the three governors of
Canada who attempted to help the Family compact and château clique.

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George Lambton Durham also was known as Lord Durham was sent to Canada to investigate
and report the causes of rebellion, also to recommend solutions for the
problems. He made a proposal that would change Canada’s government forever; he
proposed to unite the upper and lower Canada to solve the problem. In Upper
Canada, he blamed the family compact (a small group of conservative families)
for rebellion. In Lower Canada, Durham blamed the conflict between French and
English. To solve the problems he suggested the Upper and Lower Canada to be
united into one colony.

the main causes of the rebellion in Upper Canada. It was led by William Lyon
Mackenzie he was a journalist, member of legislative assembly. He used his newspaper,
“The colonial Advocate”, to criticize the economic, political and
social injustice in the constitutional act and the family compact. However, in
the lower part of Canada the different issues were encountered as follows;
Agricultural crisis the soil became less fertile so the crops began to fail
that caused a large number of starvation, and conflict between French and
English. It was led by Louis-Joseph Papineau, he was a lawyer, politician and
the landlord of the seigneurie de la Petite-Nation.  Another important cause that causes the
rebellion was unequal taxation, which the people paid for was only going to not
reliable government.

 Upper and Lower Canada encountered big
problems and the problem getting worse and worse, until the only choice is to
act a rebellion. There were many different problems that lead to the rebellions
of 1837. In Upper Canada, the causes were, American-born immigrants denied by
the government and favoritism toward Church of England and its supporters.

there’s anything that the Rebellion achieved is that we have responsible
government today.  Without the events
that happened during the time of the rebellion of 1837, Canada would not be a
province and have a reliable government right now. Responsible government means
a government that the people can be trusted. Here in Canada Responsible
government represent as a cabinet. The cabinet is controlled by the prime
minister.If the rebellion of 1837 didn’t happen, it doesn’t mean that we would never have a responsible government in Canada.

the Rebellion of 1837, the government was not good. Because of that many people
were protesting and this act leads to a rebellion. Did the Rebellion achieve
anything during the year 1837? What are the causes and consequences? What are
the roles of William Lyon Mackenzie, Lord Durham, and Louis-Joseph


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