P1 manager contributes towards the organizations goal. A



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Al Futtaim motors is one of
the leading automobile industry in UAE. It is also considered as one of the multinational
company of UAE. It was founded in the year 1930 and is owned by Mr Abdulla Al
Futtaim. It has many outlets at different location. It mainly deals with the
distribution of Toyota and Lexus in UAE. Toyota is one of the major distributors
of automobile. Mr Omar Al Futtaim is the current CEO of Al Futtaim motors. The
main motive is to provide high tech products to their consumer.

Leader: A
person who is responsible to lead an organization is called as a leader. He is
the one who motivates and build confidence in the employees. A leader has the
rights and authority to guide its subordinate worker to carry out various
tasks. He/she needs to have a proper and active communication with the
employees so as to handle various grievances that the employees are
facing.  They are the one who empower
others. A good leader leads others in such a way that the organization can
reach its target goal. He needs to have immense of qualities to fulfill the
dream goal of its organization. It is mainly the CEO of the organization. Like
Mr Omar Al Futtaim who is the CEO of Al Futtaim is considered as a leader of
the organization.


A manager is the one who
control and administrate the organization. As the word explains a manager is
the one who manages the organization. There are different managers for
different department. They are responsible to run their department so as to
achieve the goal. Each department manager contributes towards the organizations
goal. A manager looks after the business, sales and promotes the organization.
He directs the employee of the organization towards the progress of the
organization. It act as a bridge between the senior manager and the lower level
employee. They are the one who is responsible for taking various decisions in
the organization and also executive various plans in the organization.



Difference between the
manager and leader

Manager handles the tasks
and leader lead towards the future:

There are different managers
at different department. The main aim of a manager is to appoint various tasks
to the employee at their department. On the other hand the leader looks at the broader
concept. It looks at the organization as a whole. In the same way there are
different managers in Al Futtaim Automobile Industry which may include the sale
manager, office manager. The sales manager looks after the promotion and the
sale of the vehicle, while the leader looks after the total turnover of the

Manager appoints work to the
employee and leader directs the employee towards the goal.

A managers assign the
employee with the required task and looks whether that task is been properly
carried out. On the other hand the leader is not concern with individual task.
The manager looks after individual while the leader looks after the main goal.
The manager at Al Futtaim appoints work to the subordinate workers and the
leader directs the employee towards the goal.

Managers make plan and
Leaders checks the final outcome of the plan:

Mangers needs to come up
with many different plans and the leaders are the one who select which plan is
suitable and that needs to be executed. Managers also need to have backup plans
ready in case of failure of any plan. In Al Futtaim the different managers come
up with different plans and the leader Mr Omar Al futtaim is the one who
selects which plans needs to be implemented depending upon the situation.

Managers have objectives and
a leader have vision:

Managers thing about the
current scenario and the current objectives so that the work can be done
easily. While the leader has a broader perception. He sets a vision about the
future and takes the risk to introduce new in the operation.

Managers Communicate and the
leaders Persuade:

A manager is the one who
communicate with the subordinate employee and at times with the consumer. On
the other hand a leader satisfies the employee. As mentioned above there are
different managers for different department like the operations manager, Sales
manager so the role of the sales manager is to communicate and convince the
consumer while the role of the operation manager is to communicate and instruct
the employee. The leader is the one who satisfy the employee with definite pay
and time to time increments.

Function of the manager and
the roles of a leader:

Planning: The
first important function in an organization is planning. The manager of Al
Futtaim needs to make a proper planning according to their target. By setting a
proper plan this will help the organization to achieve their goal in a better
manner. Al Futtaim has used KAIZEN approach to make improvement as and when

Organizing: This
is the function where the main aim is to utilize the resources in an effective
manner. The manager guides the employee to use the inventory of the organization
in a proper manner to avoid any kind of wastages and the leader is the one who
has the final control on the inventory

Directing: The
manager gives work to the employee of their department and the leader is the
one who looks that the work assigned is properly accomplished by the employee

is the function which is done with the contribution of the leader as well as
the manager. The main motive is to get the best out of the employees. The
manager maintains an active communication between the employees.

Coordinating: The
manager coordinates with its subordinates. With a proper coordination the
employee may feel motivated and they can approach the manager in case of any
problems and difficulties to avoid any problem in future.

Controlling: The manager of Al
Futtaim looks after the task carried out by the


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