Parliamentary a challenge was mounted against her leadership.

Parliamentary majorities:

1979- ousted the Labour party with parliamentary majority by 43 seats.

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1983- won a majority of 397 seats

1987- won a majority of 376 seats  

State of the party:

1982-83: There was a divide between the traditional conservatives and the ‘wets’.

Examples of key policies:

1.    Economic:

Monetarism – privatised private properties, reduced income tax

Introduced higher interest rates and higher taxes and spending costs.

Privatised key public sector industries

Home ownership- sold off council houses, the price of houses rose

2.    Social:

Limit immigration, polls tax, increased police powers

Style of leadership:

1.    Demonstrated an ability to navigate a cutthroat world of British politics.

2.    She had a directive leadership, which showed she could make decisions for others.

3.      She could also be described as an autocratic leader. This is shown through her controlling nature. This is because she had a clear direction and made a clear divide between her and the public.

Prominent events:

1.    October 1980- Gave a defence speech of her free market economic policies. Former PMs were urging Thatcher to abandon the economic approach, which had pushed unemployment and driven the country into recession.

2.    April 1982- Forces invaded Falklands and South Georgia, Thatcher sent out a force to retake the islands.

3.    March 1990- A riot broke out in London in protests of the community Charge and poll tax that Thatcher introduced.

Circumstances of loss of power:

1988- introduced the idea of a ‘poll tax’. The idea of a flat rate poll tax was unpopular, as it didn’t take account of people’s incomes and so broke a fundamental principle of tax. Despite it being unpopular Thatcher declared she was determined to introduce it.

This lead to her opponent’s dismay and a challenge was mounted against her leadership. Therefore her close allies resigned and she lost the election in 1990. 


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