Picture indoor games outside. This proves that you

Picture staying in your room with no people to play with. Then you start to feel weird like hasidic, start to get a headache, and  can’t talk right that is because you do not go outside. Going outside is healthy, fun, and important. You are going to learn a really important lesson today from me ok Abby. Then you will go outside more like me. To start going outside is really really healthy for you. First way it is healthy is that your vitamin D can can up when you go outside. This shows that when you go outside and when you play outside it can help with bones and teeth. Next  your Attention span can go up to when you go outside. This proves that when you play outside you can concentrate mentally and it can  help with your brain’s executive center. That is what it can do when you go outside more. Last way is it can make your blood pressure go lower and your stress can go lower to. This is important by if you what your blood pressure to go down and your stress to go down then you will have to go outside for it to happen. That is how you can stay healthy when you go outside and how its healthy for you. Not only does going outside is healthy, it is fun too. First way going outside is  fun is that  you can Tye Dye a shirt. This shows that you can have a lot of fun outside by just getting one shirt and getting some Dye can be really fun. Next one is you can play indoor games outside. This proves that you do not need to play indoor games indoor you can play them outside too. The last  is you can stargaze in the night. This is important by you can even do things in the night then just in the morning and that is fun by if you like the night then you can stay outside and look at the stars. That is how the outdoors are fun. Because it is healthy and fun, but it is really important. The first one is if you do not go outside and stay inside this will happen fuel anxiety and insomnia can happen to you. The important thing about this is that when you stay inside every single day. Then a fueled anxiety can get inside of you and you can get really sick. The other one is that you can get insomnia from staying inside to. Then this can happen by staying inside a risk of obesity, diabetes, substance abuse, depression, and other really really bad disease can happen. This proves that if you stay inside then you can get really really sick from diseases and they can hurt you bad. According to Kenneth Wright, a director of sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory at University of Colorado, Boulder, ´´ Exposure to sun-strength rays helps calibrate your body’s circadian ´´clock´s,´´ which regulates everything from appetite and sleep schedules to mood and energy levels.´´  This shows that the sun can give you energy from its rays. The bad thing is that you do not have any of that energy and you don’t  sleep until 2:20 am. That means you need to go out there to get some of that energy.The last way is you need to go outside is that it can give you physical and mental energy. This proves that energy is really important to your body and that is why we move. That is why it is so important for you to do that. Those that think other wise may stay going outside is unsafe for you. That may be true that the sun exposure on the playground equipment is bad. This shows that it can hurt you but playing on the playground equipment is fun and little safe to. The other thing they may say is unsafe is that the heat of the sun can burn you. That is true but the sun can give you energy and it is important to. That is what they may think of the outside and what I can tell you how it can help you. As a result going outside is the right thing to do and going outside is what you need to do to stay healthy. Going outside is really healthy for you, it’s fun, and it is important. Abby that is why you should go outside and you need to go outside to make friends and you can run fast like a race car or you can walk slow like a snail. That how the outside is cool.


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