Postmedia by Postmedia across Canada as well as

Postmedia Network Inc
is a sub-corporation belongs to Canadian media Postmedia Network Canada Corp.
It represents a broad range of Canadian well-known media brands in advertising,
online, software, newspapers and magazines; it also
provides the opportunities reaching out target audiences to advertisers and
marketers (Postmedia, n.d.). High quality media professionals and premium
innovation team help source and organize available content through their
national multimedia platform (Postmedia, n.d.). Postmedia Network Inc provides
the multimedia channels and help market VINES magazine and InterVin
International Wine Awards.

Christopher Water,
the co-founder and editor of VINES Magazine, who is also a weekly column author
of “Waters & Wine” that published by Postmedia across Canada as well as through
the Canoe Network online (VINES Magazine,
n.d.). Christopher has organized InterVin International
Wine Awards in Canada and became its head judge since 2009, and he is also a
representative of Canada in the Six Nations Wine Challenge judges crew (Waters
& Wine, n.d.). As a WSET certified educator, he also teaches wine
appreciation, Ontario wine history, new world wine vs old world wine, classic
wine regions and styles at CCOVI (Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture
Institute) at Brock University in many years (VINES
Magazine, n.d.). He has received numerous awards, in 2011, he was awarded
the “Business Citizen of the Year at the Niagara Wine Festival” and received the
“VQA Promoters Award for Education” (Waters & Wine, n.d.).

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VINES magazine is
a “national consumer lifestyle magazine” (VINES Magazine, n.d.) and targets
mostly Canadians who purchase, enjoy wine and food on special occasions or regular
basis by providing them professional wine reviews, wine travel articles, food
and wine pairing articles, featured recipes, cheese and wine paring course
opportunities, better valued wine choices and awards winner recommendations. For
those cross drinkers who also like spirits and cocktails, the website also gave
out numerous featured recipes to attract them. It is on its fourth newspaper
company as magazine since 1998. It started with paper print newspaper,
generating revenue by selling descriptions, subscriptions and advertising. New
promotion ways have emerged including websites, e-newsletters, online
magazines, social media and many others because of the advancements in technology.
Today it is more focused on the Ontario and BC wine industries and markets,
with less focus on emerging regions like Nova Scotia. There are people from 16
countries following information from VINES. Readers range from committed beginners
who want to learn more about the world of wine and wine styles that they enjoy
to cosmopolitans who look for experts purchasing advices and tips (VINES
Magazine, n.d.). VINES magazine publishes 7 (5?) issues a year and includes an
annual InterVin Awards Issue with a special seasonal topic and unique Canadian
viewpoint on each issue (VINES Magazine, n.d.). Niagara Food & Wine Expo, Niagara
Wine Festival and Gourmet Food & Wine Expo, the 4-day event which takes
place every year in Toronto can attracts over 40,000 people, are all sponsored
by VINES magazine (VINES Magazine, n.d.).

Water has a very diverse team of contributors for VINES magazine including Rod
Phillips, Jancis Robinson, Kelly Schweitzer, Daenna Van Mulligenhe along with
other talented writers and artists. This strong team helps to keep VINES
magazine’s ongoing success.


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