Summary then made an overview of the SummaryStore.



This article written by
Nitin Agrawal and Ashish Vulimir and the paper written for Samsung research. They
build a real time store called SummaryStore which can support large volumes of
time series data and analytics also. They successfully used SummaryStore in a
real-world application which monitor and detect the traffic of the internet. Firstly,
the authors of the paper the made an introduction of the paper. Secondly, the
present the reasons building stores for temporal analytics and then made an overview
of the SummaryStore. Finally, they present the connection with the real time
application and the implementation plan.

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idea and Problem

The novel idea behind
SummaryStore is that can contribute summaries in real time with abstraction of
presenting data streams by using an ingest algorithm in order to arrange
estimation of failures and approximate answers with machine learning and
analytics. The problems that the paper and the challenges that faced are that despite
the fact that large scale of data lead to powerful analysis but the storage
systems ‘suffered’.



The authors of the
paper refer many contributions in the paper. First of all, according the
authors SummaryStore provide time-decayed a new novel abstraction of
summarizing data and present them. Secondly, in order to have this abstraction
according the paper they used an algorithm to make more effective the range of
queries. Furthermore, in order to detect failures and estimations they are using
the methods of machine learning and analytics. In addition, they created a
mechanism to integrate data for answering on some queries that they want to
have an answer. Finally, the SummaryStore, it uses some techniques to create
the best answer for this question, which are not used before and they connect SummaryStore
with a real-world application which monitor and detect the traffic of the



In my opinion is a well
written article with a very good structure. The authors of the paper numbering
their figures and describe them in order to help the reader. In my opinion, despite
the fact that is a new topic in the research, authors could be better present
the challenges of the paper. The paper in my opinion provides a good
description about the SummaryStore. Also provides a detailed discussion about
the implementation and principles and the graph elements. Finally they refer at
the end to the future work to the topic and that is very important.


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