Tanveer wealthy family, so that meant I was

Tanveer Khalili

English 4

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Despair to triumph


“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something
bigger than oneself” (Campbell). When we visualize heroes most of us think of
Superman or Spiderman who possess special powers, but we forget about the
heroes that exist in our everyday lives. In my opinion a true hero is able to
overcome his or her impediments in life, is highly motivated, and has plenty of
bravery to face and resolve internal and external conflicts. The internal
conflict I faced was depression. I consider myself a hero because I overcame my
weakness and found enlightenment and strength. In this essay I will analyze how
my journey relates to Campbell’s model of how a hero is born.


Ordinary World

My childhood was very pleasant for the most part. I was
enthusiastic about going to school and enjoyed spending time with my friends. I
was blessed with a wealthy family, so that meant I was very spoiled and I
essentially got whatever I desired. I had a loving relationship with my family members.
Most notably with my grandfather who was my hero because he was a WW2 veteran
and what inspired me the most was his limitless bravery and priceless wisdom.
One might ponder what could possibly have turned my life from sunshine to
darkness. During middle school some of the symptoms of depression started to
reveal itself, such as going from a A+ student to a F+ student, skipping
school, avoiding my friends, Sleeping all day long, and fighting with my
parents. Now that I look back I am flabbergasted of how I had changed as a
person for the worse. This was just the beginning of my nightmares.


Call to Adventure


When I got older I realized I had to heal myself
from these emotional wounds .My call to Adventure began when my anxiety was not
only affecting me from attaining happiness but the others around me as well. .
As I started high school, my anxiety hindered my social life and schoolwork. I
had developed speech stuttering disorder in addition to depression.  I
would stress over the smallest details because it had to be perfect. I
absolutely hated any sort of presentation or class discussions because I would
stutter a lot and I assumed people would think I was retarded. This lack of
participation in school attributed to very low grades. Any intense social
pressure would make me sweat excessively. I would tense up, occasionally feel
sick, and, in extreme cases, I thought about ending my life in order to escape
my sufferings by overdosing on drugs. I slowly began to distance myself from
others and avoid any sort of social obligations. I stopped participating in
activities I loved, and seclusion became my best friend. My immense anxiety had
transformed itself into something more terrifying … depression.

Meeting the mentor

When I got older I realized I had to heal myself from these
emotional wounds. I decided to take a stand for myself and reach out to
psychiatrist named Ben koerner. It made me feel weak and defeated, but I knew
it was something I needed to do in order to keep the dark hole that was my mind
from getting deeper. This step in my journey was the most distressing, I would
come to my therapy session and right before I was going to be seen by the
pyshactrsit I would leave, because I was terrified of illuminating my fears.
Thankfully, my psychiatrist was able to evaluate my condition, come up with a precise
diagnosis, and get me proper treatment. He told me that I had Generalized
Anxiety Disorder with a main emphasis on societal aspects, as well as dejection.
This was a major event in my journey because Ben helped me identify the source
of my problems and gave me motivation to overcome my fears. The sole cause was
the death of my grandfather. He was like my friend who understood me and always
provided me guidance. Since my dad would always be busy with work, my
grandfather was the person who gave me that fatherly love that I had yearned for
so long. In addition, I was surprised to know that my psychiatrist himself had
depression and knowing how he dealt with it, gave me hope and it helped me
acknowledge that I was not the only one suffering., He recommended medication
to help boost my confidence and energy. I was a little hesitant to take it at
first and honestly, I didn’t think It would work. To my surprise, I was mistaken.
After a couple of months, I finally felt like a ordinary person and I was no
longer imprisoned by my fears.

Return with The Elixir

Today, I am a successful college student with several
compassionate friends. I remind myself that I need to endure, because everyone
has problems and we can’t let those lingering issues ruin our bliss of life. My
goal is that one day I will be capable of overcoming them fully and come abandoning
medication due to the fact that it can only help me and not solve my problems.
Life is like Lego blocks because it can be broken but also be rebuilt. My
hero’s journey is unique because I was my own enemy. I had to conquer my
emotions and focus on the better aspects of life to get out of depression.
Before the journey I assumed nobody believed in me or cared about my internal
problems that was preventing me from achieving my desire for contentment. This
experience has inspired me to someday become a physiologist, because I
acknowledge that there are millions of people in the world that are lost and disheartened
and I want to save them from themselves before they commit suicide. I am a hero
because I have conquered despair and found peace in my heart. Living life
without hope makes you feel vulnerable and weak. Your enemies take advantage of
you by further manipulating you to cause you more harm. With that said It is
fascinating how people can look happy, when in reality they are suffering
inside. This state of mind is what negatively impacted me because instead of
facing my problems I tried to run away from them.













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