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The human component or the human resource is a vital resource for the success of an organization. If it is an important component or is vital for the success of an organization, it is needless to say, that this important resource need to be managed properly and efficiently. Different organizations have different practices of handling or dealing with their employees, here are some practices which HR managers and departments have followed in today’s world:


1)       Zappos an online shoe and clothing company offer their employees $3000 to leave the company. When a person is hired at Zappos, he/she spend their 1rst 3 – 4 in the company’s call centre. This helps employees get familiar with the company and they also learn how to respond to customer needs. After this training in the call centre for the 1rst 3 – 4 weeks is over, the company offer these employees $3000 to leave the company at the very moment if the employees are not fully comfortable or committed towards the company.

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2)      Google an ’employee – friendly’ company does not just take care of its employee while they work at google but the company also provides benefits if an employee dies. Google, known for coming up with excellent pro employee policies and practices, came up with ‘death benefits’ practice, this practice includes paying the spouse of a dead google employee, 50% of the employee’s salary for 10 years. The practice also includes paying the child of the dead employee $1000 per month until the child is 19, or 23 for full – time students.


3)      Many companies today have realized how important the health of an employee is. A healthy employee will be more productive and would contribute more efficiently towards the company. It is for this reason that many companies have started investing in employee health. For example, Microsoft provides employees with full – service gyms on their campuses itself. An employee of Microsoft can use the gym whenever he/she please to. Many companies today also offer in – office medical screening.

4)      FedEx initiated a program called, ‘Leadership Evaluation and Awareness Process (LEAP), under which they encouraged and evaluated the potential for non – managerial employees to move to the managerial level in the company.


5)      Arrow Group of companies gives its employees a few hours every week to work on independent projects or tasks. Employees can even choose to work on these independent projects from home, as long as the project or task is related to the company’s business. The company claims that most of its innovations have come from these independent projects.


6)      A lot of companies today are providing employees with free or in house food. For example, at Dropbox, employees can choose from multiple cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Thai, etc. companies claim that this strategy acts as an important employee retention tool.


7)      Recruiting the people with the right skill set is an important task that HR managers seek to accomplish. In Las Vegas, an annual poker event is held, where recruiters from various top companies and people seeking jobs are invited, while playing poker, the recruiters observe and analyse the way candidates play, their willingness to take risks and their analytical skills.


8)       Not all HR practices are amazing and helpful to employees, there are also HR practices which can pose challenges and problems to the employees of a company. For example, at Apple jobs are kept a secret, even the potential employees aren’t told about the work or job they are being recruited for. This is done to keep the company’s details confidential in front of the competitors. Practices like these can cause chaos and challenges to the employees of the company.


9)      Today a lot of companies believe that it is important for employees to take time off for coming back refreshed and hence more productive. Some companies today have made it mandatory for employees to take a break from and spend time on themselves.  


10)   Another successful HR practices of google is that, if an employee fails to use his/her official vacation leave, he/she may give this leave to another employee in Google. The management has realized that the employees themselves have earned these days and are free to keep them or even give them away to another employee in the company.  


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