The for Britain these Authors formed the Literature

The  Great  Britain,  founder  of  the  United  Kingdom,  the  empire  on
 which  the  sun
never sets. The Britain has conquered lands from east to west in every
continent. Britain has too many benefits to world first of all the “Industrial
Revolution”, foundation of the United States of America, also literary outputs.
These are just a few of the benefits of Britain to world

     Firstly, the “Industrial Revolution”. In
1700’s Britain was the super power of the world “The Empire on which the sun
never sets” also many technological innovations were British. They found out
they need machines instead of human power because it takes much time with human
power so they invented machines also they spread this revolution to all over
europe because of Britain today we use computers in every single place in our
life. There is no such thing like if Britain didn’t exist we would not have
computers etc. ,but it is clear to see we wont be able to have that technology
in our life

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     Secondly, The foundation of USA, Spain,
France, Portugal have civilizations in America continent but none of these
civilizations have gone too far in science, modernization and else. Even USA
has became different country than britain their origin belongs to the
higher-ups of Britain. Every person in world once thought how it would be if i
live in USA the American Dream but even USA has darker side like everything.

    Thirdly and maybe the most important thing
is “Literary Outputs” of Britain, British authors, poets. “The Beowulf’s”Poet
even if we dont know the name of the writer of this poem this is one of the
most important poems of Britain. Geoffrey Chaucer is the greatest poet of the
middle ages he is the author of “the Canterbury Tales”. Also Sir William
Shakespeare the ” Romeo & Juliet, Henry IV” and many more. His 37 plays are
still performing all over the world. Charles Dickens, J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K.
Rowling, Agatha Christie and many more. These people is not just important for
Britain these Authors formed the Literature for Britain and the World

   To sum up, Britain started the Industrial
Revolution, civilizied the USA, Britsih authors formed the modern literature.
If there were no britain probably we would not get this far in technology,
literature. Of course the power comes with great responsibility of course there
is dark sides of Britain as every other country,people,thing but we cabt just
ignore the benefits of Britain to our lifes. God save the Queen. J



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