The learners. The African proverb, “It takes a

The Role of Senior High School in

         Globalization affects from the evacuation of boundary
the middle of national economies to convince that stream about goods, services,
capital and work. The expanding relation in global education on connection to
worldwide training for the relationship for the world’s society will be
globalization. The three sub topics which are the employment, development and
social consciousness are important in indicating the role of senior high school
in globalization.

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Rationalization Plan that the Department of Education implemented is also a way
to provide the employee’s right placement in facing their duties to improve the
standard and importance of education services and properly provide the needs of
the students, teachers and the school. This change may affect people, but there’s
one thing that will be assure; it will also improve the standard of services
for the community. The result-based Performance System (RPMS) is another
breakthrough in the government services.

      The RPMS is an accommodation of the Civil
Service Commission’s (CSC) Strategic Performance System. The employee’s
performance will be evaluated based on how was the Individual Commitment performed,
which is also related to the functions shown in the RAT structure. All of these
amend are related with the DepEd’s vision, mission and core values. With these
changes in their workplace, they continue to steadfast in their hope that the
country will have competent caretakers, which are the learners.

African proverb, “It takes a village to educate a child’ is a well known
proverb that most of the people heard. This mantra mostly used by inspirational
speakers in encouraging everyone to give importance in education and use it as
a powerful weapon in changing the world. Everyone have different role in
educating a child. 

         In a developing nation, education is
the key to keep adhere with the challenges of globalization. The process of globalization
had tremendous changes that may bring either opportunity or threat to the
humanity. This is a challenge for the education sector so that these changes
will be turn into opportunities for the learners to be competent and productive
citizens in the future.

         Today’s generation encountered with so many
challenges of globalization. The world will be different few years from now.
How will the children respond to such changes? How will everyone prepare for

needs to give them the best quality education they need. Everyone should transform
the educational system into an excellent structure that is relevant to global
changes. Everyone needed leaders who are empowered in making difference in the
system of education. Those leaders ready to make changes.

compassion and empathy can be a way in getting closer to others and more
tightening the social securities. Being sensitive to others when they are hurt
and understanding their position is really essential to actuate the social

and responsiveness are also needed. It is also important for each people, who
wanted to develop socio-political consciousness, to be willing in listening to
others and ask for feedback regarding his behavior. It should bared in mind
that the gap between what is social and what is personal should never be disobeyed
as it is one of the basic requirements of consciousness. 


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