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The author of this book, Lisa See, uses these characters and the ways they react to conflict (as mentioned above) while she also uses the characters to represent something. She uses both of these two girls to show differences in the two. Although, on page 46 in the chapter of The Fan, Madame Wang states that the girls are “… truly a perfect match. These two girls are not just sames in the eight characters, they are alike in their horse spirits as well.” The way that they are portrayed when reacting to conflict is very different. See uses these different ways of reacting to show that although the girls are similar in ways, they are also very different. This developes the text further and gives us more details about Snow Flower and Lily’s relationship. This leads us to believe that later in the text, if faced with similar problems, the girls may react in different ways. As stated in the paragraph above, the reactions to conflict on Snow Flower’s side shows immediate shock and acceptance without change, while if she is led, she will help the conflict while Lily shows a want to help and provide leadership. On page 120-123 in the chapter ,Truth, Snow Flower describes her family’s situation in a way of acceptance and wanting no ways to change by herself. Whereas, on page 132 in the same chapter, Lily helps Snow Flower, which is described when it says, “Since Snow Flower’s elder sister would not deliver the third-day wedding books, I went in her place.” Because there was a situation, Lily decided to help and solve the problem. She continues to do such things later in this book section. Although these characters begin to develop these traits, they do not change in this section of the book. See uses the ways to handle conflict in many different ways in the book.In literature, there are many different ways that characters are presented in the way that they think or deal with conflict. Snow Flower and Lily in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan have very different ways of dealing with conflict. For example, on page 93 and 94, in the chapter of Beautiful Moon, we see the difference in the way that Snow Flower and Lily both respond once Beautiful Moon gets stung by a bee. On page 93 and continued on page 94, Lily describes the situation once Lily sees Snow Flower looking at something. It states, “I was interrupted from these thoughts by something that sounded like a sob. I opened my eyes and looked at Snow Flower. A puzzled expression spread across her face as she stared at something to her right. I followed her gaze to Beautiful Moon, who was brushing at her neck and taking great breaths” This shows that when first faced with conflict, Snow Flower goes directly into shock and accepts things as it is rather than trying to face or help the conflict cease. Later, we see how Lily reacts when she sees Beautiful Moon and continues to say, “What’s wrong?”… Snow Flower, find help… Get Baba, get Uncle. Quick!” Snow Flower then goes and does as she was told after she is directed on how to solve the problem. This also shows another way that Snow Flower responds. Once Snow Flower is gone and is yelling and looking for help, Lily tries to help Beautiful Moon by asking if she can get the stinger out, offering water to her, calming her, and telling her that she will honor her forever. This shows us that Lily is a leader and reacts quickly once conflict strikes. This next part of the response really shows how both characters react to problems they face.


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