The that pursues a methodological and organized procedures


The scientific literature is the
attempt in printed / published or non-printed / non-published form that pursues
a methodological and organized procedures and processes practical on a subject
matter that reports the original experimental work of a researcher in a field.
These fields of the research can be of two types, social sciences and natural
sciences, whereas, the scientific literature can be classified in to two main
types, primary scientific literature and secondary scientific literature. The
scientific literature is the technique used by scientist and researchers to
talk about and to record the outcomes and findings of their exploration.



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The primary scientific literatures
the original document that is created in the series of research and are the
result of implementation of the scientific methodology on a subject in
reflection. This is the traditional result in printed / non-printed form, which
provides the scientific thought, an innovation or discovery or a new piece of


Review papers/reports (highlights practical aspects)

The purpose of a review paper
is to briefly review recent progress in a particular topic. Generally, the paper
evaluates the up to date state of knowledge of the topic. It makes an
understanding of the topic for the person who reads by talking about the findings
presented in recent research papers.

Journal Article/peer reviewed or not peer reviewed

Peer review is the evaluation
of work by one or more people of similar capability to the producers of the
work. It represents a form of self-regulation by qualified members of a
profession within the relevant field

Short communication (very exciting or breakthrough)

A short communication is for
a brief, but independent report representing a significant contribution to
science. Short communication is not proposed to publish preliminary results.
Only if these results are of extraordinary interest and are particularly current
and relevant are accepted for publication.

Rapid communication (ideas & thoughts)

The Rapid Communications is dedicated
to the publication of short papers presenting highly original and significant
material it has focused on the speedy distribution of important work in strong
matter and materials physics.

Proceeding papers / conference proceeding papers

In academic world,
proceedings are the collection of academic papers published in the context of
an academic conference. They are usually distributed as printed quantity or in
electronic form either before the conference opens or after it have closed.
Proceedings contain the assistance made by researchers at the conference.

Extended abstracts

An extended abstract is a
research paper whose ideas and significance can be understood in less than an
hour of reading

Dissertation / theses

Major papers presented as the
final project for a master’s degree are normally called thesis; and major
papers presenting the student’s research towards a doctoral degree are called
theses or dissertations.


A manuscript is any document
written by hand or typewritten, as different to being without thinking printed
or reproduced in some indirect or automated way.










The Secondary Literature consists of publications that based
on primary basis for information. At this point it is not a necessity for the
authors to have done the work themselves while the reason of the publication is
to sum up and create knowledge in a definite area for other scientists who
already have an accepting of the topic.



Book / textbook are the book used as
a distinctive work for the study of a detailed subject. The objective of a
textbook is to create a complete, up-to-date and attractive material as

Internet/ Blogs

Website / blog is a dialogue or
conversational website where swap over of views takes place in order to reach a
decision about a particular subject published on World Wide Web.


Magazine is a publication commonly
available occasionally and contains a variety of contents. Magazines have articles
based on religion, science, technology and even personalities, the articles are
usually considered secondary sources.


Newsletter is a printed report
about news of the events or proceedings of a business or an organization that
is sent regularly to all the members (customers, stakeholders, employees etc.)


Monograph is thinker portion of
work targeted towards a particular subject or an aspect of a subject, usually
written by a single writer.


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