The this happened President Lincoln took action in

                            The 13th,
14th and 15th amendments are the three slavery amendments that


Changed African American history for centuries and
generations to come

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I am writing this article on the slavery amendments
because I feel as if African Americans


Deserve to know how far they’ve come from picking
cotton and getting mistreated for centuries 




                                       The 13th


The 13th amendment was one of the first of
the three slavery amendments to be passed by an

American congress after the American civil war on
January 31st


1865 under President Abraham Lincoln. The 13th
was passed under the emancipation


Proclamation under President Abraham Lincoln declaring
“, all persons held as slaves within any


State o designated part of state the people whereof
shall be in rebellion against the United States


Of America shall thence forward, and forever free”.
Although the amendment was passed under


The senate on April 1st, 1869, however the House
of Representatives did not when this happened


President Lincoln took action in ensuring the
amendment passed through the house. President


Lincoln added that the passage of the 13th
amendment be added to the rebellion party agenda


For upcoming presidential elections, finally with all
of Lincolns fighting Lincoln finally found


Success on January 31st, 1865 the House of
Representatives passed the bill with a vote of 119 to 56

, however even with the 13th amendment
being passed so easily this still didn’t much for slaves


They might of have been released and freed, but they
were still oppressed by many other


Elements such as white race prejudice the government
in the south passed laws such as black


Codes these were laws that gave freed black slaves
certain legal rights like the right to marry but


Only they were required to marry their own race no
interracial marriage, own property, and sue


In court, but the codes also made it illegal to
testify in against whites in court, serve on a jury,


They were also not able to join state militias. Black
codes were just one of the many elements


That oppressed freed slave’s other problems they faced
were poverty, in many situations many


Slaves found themselves free but nowhere to go,
nowhere to sleep, no jobs because many


Whites did want a black person working on or in their
business also the whites did not


Believe a black man should be payed the same as a
white man working the same job, because


Of these laws being passed this led to many blacks not
being able to sustain a life for them and


Their families but this was not the end of the
oppression Jim Crow laws were laws that were


Introduced in the late 1870s to blacks to separate
them from society many places such as public


Bathrooms, restaurants, buses etc.… were often
separate with signs that would spell colored or


Blacks. it was laws like
black codes an Jim crow that made life a living hell for freed slaves or


colored it was laws like such as these that led to the passing of another


                                      The 14th


The 14th amendment was passed on July 9th,
1868 under President Andrew Johnson the


Amendment granted citizenship rights for former or
freed slaves after the American


Civil war. Amendment 14th consisted of five
sections one of the many five is


Section one which stated that all persons born or
naturalized in any US state are


Considered citizens of the U.S.A and the state he/she
were born this finally meant


That blacks could be considered an actual citizen of
any state rather than being considered


Being owned property of slave masters, even though the
bill was passed just like the 13th


It was criticized not just because blacks were granted
citizenship it was also criticized


Because many people especially whites thought that
with the passing of the bill many


Other countries would hear this news and they would
flee their homes and come to the US


To become a citizen of one of the greatest countries
in the world and just what many whites


Feared is just what happened with the passing of the
14th amendment being passed it 

Brought an immersive amount immigrant from continents
such as china, Italy and Ireland


During this time the US saw a massive influx of
immigrants from various countries


They came over for a chance to get jobs and that they
and their children could become


Citizens of the US, in fact a man by the name of
William m tweed was mobilizing Irish


American votes for Tammany 20,000 to 30,000 people had
become a naturalized citizen in


New York six weeks before the election .the second
section of the 14th amendment


Representatives of a state shall be appointed by how
many lives live in the state except for


Indians not being taxed, each person in the state are
counted by whole in order to get the


Number of representatives to represent the state in
the general elections. Third section


Of the amendment no government official including
senators, representatives, president and


 Vice president
under oath shall not hold a public / military office because we need our


Government officials to represent the public on our
behalf their government office is way to


High to downgrade to hold public offices. Section 4
the validity of the public debt of the US


Authorized by law including debts incurred for
payments of pensions and bounties shall not be


Questioned. Section 5 the congress shall have power to
enforce by appropriate legislation the


Provisions of the 14th amendment.



The 15th Amendment 


IS the third and last of the slavery amendments that
was passed by congress on February 26th


1869 and it was ratified on February 3rd
1870 it was passed to grant African American men


The right to vote this was it the barrier that needed to
broke and it was finally accomplished


Finally a black man had the advantage to vote for his
own president a president of his choice.


The amendment declared that the “rights of citizens of
the united states or by any state on


Account of race, color, or previous condition of
servitude” in the eyes of many this brought


Happiness but it was still a joke because even with
the passing of the amendment there were


Still problems that faced many black men things like
literacy test halted many black men


Because many blacks never got taught how to read it
was going to be hard for them to


Understand who they were voting for another was poll
tax which was a fee that was paid


To satisfy tax payer’s requirement in voting and in
many situations many blacks did not 


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