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There are many traits that affect how children learn their gender, mainly regarding societies social standards and expectations. Gender learning has many factors that one may practice, according to their environment in which they are raised in and/or surrounded by in everyday life. Gender learning can be shaped by the school, state, and religion. It can never be easy to resist gender shaping because of society’s social standards and expectations. Stepping away from the norms of certain gender roles in a society can cause judgment and scrutiny by the community. For one to demonstrate resistance to these expectations of a gender role one must have a strong sense of their self-efficiency. If someone knows themselves and are confident, they are more likely to notice their own implicated bias that was formed by themselves and others. The book is about a girl named Marjane Satrapi who was born in Iran and her upbringing during the 1980’s which was the beginning of years of political and religious turmoil in Iran. Marjane Satrapi parents decided that Iran was not a stable environment for their daughter. Marjane Satrapi is an independent individual and very headstrong. If you were to ask me my option of Marjane personality I would say there is nothing wrong with being a headstrong girl it shows strong power and character. Marjane Satrapi personality did, however, get her expelled and worse punishments come her way when her parents sent her to Vienna at a nun boarding school. When Marjane went to school in Iran the religion required all girls to wear a veil and just like most of the girls Marjane did not want to wear one. The school was also separated by gender and the boys and girls were not allowed to be educated as one. Marjane was born into a religion and wants to be a prophet or a doctor but where she lives the school finds this is not a suited career choice for a girl. In Iran, they believe that men are closer to God as to why they separate boys and girls during baptisms. Marjane career choice ended up with the school calling her parents. In Iran, the school environment plays a big role in her gender leaning. As a girl, she is forced to cover her hair and told she has no choice in the matter. They also restrict the girls from the same learning and career path as the boys and are giving fewer opportunities. This type of environment can force young girls to think because of their gender they are less capable than men are.Marjane wants to practice in the protest that’s being conducted by the police but her parents refuse let her come. She Feels they will not let her go because she is a little girl. She loved her religion until it was used as a state tool and women were dictated by religious government, she then loses the loving passion for it. She decides to educate herself to better understand what’s going on and she starts reading lots of books. Marjane reads a veration of books and noticed that the main problem with the world she was put in is that it’s divide between social classes. For Marjane being a girl in her community the only way to be in a high social class, she would have to rely on a man that her parents will pick for her to marry.  Marjane goes out shopping one day with her mother and they overhear two women talking about the refugees. The women are talking about how all Southern women are whores. Marjane and her mother felt humiliated and ashamed to be spoken about like that by their own kind. Cleary Marjane is leaning a lot about her gender at this moment on how many girls who do not follow what’s expected of them get wrongly labeled and slut-shamed.     Marjane and her family take a vacation to Spain when they return, Grandma tells them that a new war is starting. Talking about the people who die at war became a daily routine at school.This is clearly not a healthy environment for young children and like most kids, Marjane uses defense mechanisms of humor to hide behind the fear. Marjane and her friends make a huge mess of the girls restroom with toilet paper, which gets them all suspended from the school for a week. Marjane parents were not mad at her but instead unpleased with the school and the state of education in Iran that is given to these young girls. Marjane is learning that the school system is failing to give her an education and by her being a girl it’s more likely to get in trouble for messing around with friends. Marjane decides to skip class one day, her mother found out and they got into a huge fight over it. Marjane is getting fed up with being treated like a child and smokes a cigarette to feel grown up. I start to notice in Marjane own way she is fighting back against the system even by just rebelling in small ways makes her feel like she is making a change. Marjane goes out on her own one day to get music and she gets shamed for the clothes she’s wearing and gets threatened. Again she is a victim of noticing how wrongly girls can be treated and get shamed for not dressing or acting accordingly.After the death of her uncle Neda’s who she has a very deep connection too, she becomes even more rebellious. Marjane hits the principal and gets expelled which in my opinion they deserved it. Her parents become afraid for Mine’s safety and decide it would be best to send away to stay with her mom’s friend. Marjane was now moved to Austria and inrolled in a boarding house with nuns. Marjane noticed she has more independence in Austria at the boarding house and she tries to become new friends Lucia her roommate. At her new school, the nation says to her that Iranians have no education. From what Marjane experienced at her school in Iran this hit her hard.  Out of anger Marjane, she told them that they were all prostitutes before becoming nuns and she gets expelled once again from another school. Marjane is learning that because she is a girl that she can’t act certain ways and she does not agree and still tries to fight back but it always leads to her to trouble and judged. Marjane then moves in with a friend who throws a lot of parties. Marjane notices the parties there are much crazier than the ones in Iran. It was the first night Marjane sees a boy naked and notices some girls have sex before marriage, it was also the first time she got high. At this point, I believe Marjane is learning that people of her gender have more freedom than most have led her to believe. When Marjane starts going through puberty she starts acting riskier and even dyes her hair a funky color. Marjane starts to feel like she is betraying her parents by betraying her Iranian heritage. I believe Marjane has the right to experiment new things in order to find who she is. I don’t think shaming herself for these actions will help her learn or be healthy for her mentally. As a young girl finding her identity during such a vulnerable state such as puberty it certainly does not help when Marjane overhears people talking about how weird and ugly she is. Marjane is badass as we know and stand up for herself. Marjane does, however, start doing a lot of drugs. Marjane then has sex for the first time with a boy named Markus which other than the drugs part, there is nothing wrong with that. The bad part of it all has she noticed him drifting and caught him cheating. For any girl that can make you feel as if your not good enough when really he is the one who isn’t good enough. Marjane ends up living on the streets and eating food from the trash. It gets so bad for Marjane she gets really sick and starts coughing blood till she faints. This was definitely a very traumatic time for Marjane.Austra was not a good experience but was even worse when she got back. For Marjane, it was a culture shock because in Austria she had more freedom. Marjane was judge by her friends for having sex and being less restricted. Marjane didn’t feel like she could tell anyone about the horrific stuff he went through in Austria and tries to kill herself. Not in a happy marriage that was arranged she wants a divorce she was promised by her father if she ended up being unhappy, which she was. In the end, Marjane goes to college and because she is so open to speaking her mind, she makes a lot of positive changes, though at times it wasn’t easy. Marjane also goes to live on independently and writes this amazing book and in my opinion though she went through some horrific things she comes out as an amazing person. I believe Marjane went through many difficult and different experiences through her childhood. Marjane experienced gender learning in both Iran and Australia through expectations within the societies state, school, and religion. In Iran, though she had very good parents the state was at war-making her conflicted about what was right and wrong. The government controlled the expectations of women through laws of the state by not allowing them to have control to change certain rules. In Iran, they also used the religion to structure and control people. Girls had to dress accordingly by covering up and also hiding their hair without any say in the matter. Iran also used the education in the school to try and control people and not giving the same opportunities as they did to the boys. When Marjane went to Australia she was judged based on her looks, where she came from, and her race. Marjane had a lot more freedom but this lead to also be vulnerable because she was mainly on her own towards the end. I believe that the challenges she went through, the parents who raised her and how she also took the time to educate herself about where she came from made who she is today.  


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