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They are miserable because they have more opportunities to live in clean neighborhoods, eat healthy, and provide better health care for themselves. But that also depends on everyone’s perception. If someone feels enough income to earn, then his livelihood will be better. This means that in countries where wage inequality is higher, the above differences are noticed. We are more inclined to give power to the most prominent persons. The 2016 studies show that the persons we consider most present, have more leadership skills and leadership skills. But this is not always true. There are times when men or women are present, have no connection with power, and have no managerial skills. Those dressed up with power can have a positive effect on the pulse of people around them. The clues have noted that well-dressed persons suits and neckties, were able to encourage others to wear them the same way. They also had a positive impact on reducing heart rate in other people with increased pulse. But power does not always help your health when a powerful person feels that he or she is at risk of power, the level of cortisol in the blood is clothed with stratospheric levels. This can happen, for example, with a politician during electoral elections. The opposite is with the poor people who, if they think they are advancing and advancing more in life, will feel lower levels of stress. Whatever is related to the rulers, it is bad for anything that is said to the rich and mighty, is bad. If these people are more in touch with the closest people, they can increase opportunities for good relationships with their peers. If they understand the importance of their social position, they become more in touch with the needs and desires of other people. It is important that the people in power do not forget their originsIndra Nooyi, Pepsi’s director, loves the day when he became a director and again his mother ordered him to go shopping for milk. She turned angry at the store and her mother made her realize that outside the house she could be everything, but she was inside their daughter and she should contribute her to the housework. Scientists dealing with social affairs say that remembering your roots and your origins makes you connect more to the needs of others that depend on your power. And do not stop listening to leaders who remember that their power is just as good how much respect others have for them, it is easier to be standing on the ground. Keltner says how many times he should use his power, he remembers Abraham Lincoln, who was said to hear anyone speaking to him. “It is a quality of great leaders. They are fascinated and focused on what others are saying, “said Celtner.


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