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They couldn’t stop laughing. The epidemic has hit the rest of the world with a pow, the echoes of laughter ringing in my ears. It doesn’t stop, it never stops. Ever since the bug infected the water supply, laughter is brought upon by nothing at all. One second you are going for a drink and the next you are on the ground howling in joyousness. The doctors have found no cure if there are even any left in D.C. studying this odd virus.        My family, my friends, everyone I once knew has died of laughter like Chrysippus did back in 206 BCE, except not at a joke. They laughed their life short, unable to eat or drink because of all the laughter.       I would like to say the only thing that saved me from this terrible ailment was my intense introversion. I would sit in my room on my laptop drinking soda and eating chips, day and night every day for weeks. Granted it’s not the most healthy diet but I managed to survive an apocalypse on it, so how bad can it really be?        With everyone I had once loved gone, I had to reinvent my life to survive the newly desolate environment. No one is there to run the power, maintain the internet, or even keep up farms and livestock. These days it is hard to find a house or store not ransacked in the panic that the virus caused. People hunkered down and, from what I saw, never came out.        My soft, introverted self, had to go out and not just live anymore, I had to survive. The only people you meet these days want to murder and kill anyone who came near them. I can trust no one, and no one can trust me. Whether you think it to be luck or misfortune, I haven’t encountered any cities. Cities bring people, people bring death.         One day while I was out doing my rounds, sorting through old trash bins hoping to find something, anything, I can use. I throw a trash can to my side, look up, and wipe my brow.       “I can feel something useful near, I know I can….” I say to myself.       I climb to the top of a nearby rubbish pile to try and get a bearing of my surroundings. Both my mouth and my knife drop….


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