Throughout are conserved or made from these inventions

Throughout time there have been many inventions that have caused a great impact on the world. Inventions
that have really came to mind that have impacts in other ways are the refrigerated railcar, cotton gin, and
milking machine. These invention have all made a lot of things way easier for wjat they are made for. These
inventions were made by people that wanted to make the backbreaking work or the time consuming
situations much easier and have less work put into it. The materials that are conserved or made from these
inventions are most likely used in someones everyday life.
The refrigerated rail was invented by Gustavus Franklin Swift who was the founder of the meat-packing firm
Swift & Company and promoter of the railway refrigerator car for shipping meat. The refrigerated railroad
car is a refrigerated boxcar. A piece of railroad rolling stock designed to carry perishable freight at specific
temperatures. With many different types they all still have the same purpose to keep transported goods
perishable. The early days of refrigerated rail cars impacted American diets in a big way, but after 1945 the
American diet was leading change in the rail industry.
The cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney who had on of the brightest minds and was known for his
bright ideas for inventions. The Cotton Gin was a magnificent invention because how fast it sped up the
process of removing seeds from cotton fiber. By the mid-19th century, cotton had become America’s leading
export. This invention offered Southern farmers a justification to maintain and expand slavery even as a
growing number of Americans supported its abolition. This invention promoted the idea of
interchangeable parts and identical parts that is made for faster assembly and easier repair of various
The Milking Machine was invented by L. O. Colvin in 1860. The machine includes teat cups that contact
the cow’s teats and remove the milk. A claw where mil pools as it removed from the four teats. There is
vacuum tubes that provide a vacuum to the teat cups and a milk tube that removes milk away from the claw.
The machine is really important because it lessens the workload and time on farmers and increases the
production of the amount of milk.
All of these inventions were made for specific reasons and to make jobs ore efficient and quicker. But all of
these invention have one thing in common, they are all still used to this day. It doesn’t matter how
complicated they seem or how crazy they seem but they still have a purpose and many people and their
companies uses them. There are plenty more inventions that have mad a big impact on the planet but these
are some of the three big ones. Agriculture has made what we have today but if it wasn’t for the inventions
that have been made then life would be very different. 


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