TRADITIONAL powder all over each other’s faces, throwing


There are a variety of traditional events in the
world. There are traditional events in Japan, such as Setsubun and New Year’s,
and a different train is seen by provinces. This paper examines about two of
the famous traditional events in the world this time. I will also talk about
the events that have taken place, what I learned from them, and what I thought.

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The first is about the Holi Festival. “One of the most
ancient festivals of India, Holi was also known as “Holika”.”
(Entertainment Times 19). The Holi festival is traditional and taken place in
India. Holi mean “Holika”. “Holi, a traditional Hindu festival, celebrates the
beginning of spring as well as the triumph of good over evil.” (Telegraph Media
Group 1-2). This festival is hold in the spring, and celebrated the victory.
This “Holi” come from Holoka, and Holika is the one who appears in the myth of
India. Her brother believes himself to be a god. He could not forgive his son
who believes in God Vishnu, and he want to kill his son. He forced her his son
into the fire because she has ability to protect from fire. She put a shawl on
his son to prevent the flames from being burned, and she died. It is a reason
why the Holika festival was started to sprinkle the ash which burnt out the
harvest of the year that reminiscence the thing. Tripsavvy mentions People
spend the day smearing colored powder all over each other’s faces, throwing
colored water at each other, having parties, and dancing under water
sprinklers. (22) People celebrate the Holi festival with the colorful ashes and
water. Holi day is the only day that people of caste in the Hindu society can
be free regard less.

Second is carnival of Venice in Italy. It is
traditional which started from around 1162. The characteristic of this carnival
is that all of them wear masks. “To avoid public resentment, a law forbade the
rich men Venetian to wear their jewelry publicly, except during official
holidays and during the last carnival days!” (VISIT-VENICE-ITALY, 16-18) The rich
men are not allowed to wear their jewelry on this day. Only on this day, the
face is concealed with the mask, it is possible to enjoy freely regardless of
the person, and it is a peaceful day without the fight.

I think that these events were traditional and older,
so that people’s feelings could be kept strong and protected. And, I think that
is wonderful to be able to spend a traditional event regardless of such a
religion and the position, and good if more people can spend the position
regardless of such an event.


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