Unbroken is crystal clear. When I read this

Unbroken tells the stunning life of Louis Zamperini. The book starts off with his childhood. Louis Zamperini was a kid that always found trouble and his brother saw potential. Louis Zamperini was faster than any other kid in his town but he never ran track. His brother made him run track so he could get a new perspective on his life. Louis Zamperini broke many records in track and even in the Olympics. After the Olympics he registers for the army. He had so much pride in his country that to take his time to go and serve in the military I think is amazing. In this book, there are many motivational scenes. Louis Zamperini takes so much leadership because one day when his plane crashed in the Pacific and he was stranded for 47 days. He took leadership when they his crew just wanted to quit and give up but he fought the urge until he was in a prison camp in Japan. One thing I noticed in this book, was the fact that he always had someone to cheer him on. When he was a child he had his brother and at every part of his life, he had someone there.  In this book, it was so important for him, and it is important for us today to recognize who we have routing for us at the worst of times. Another thing I noticed was the fact that he was always positive and willing. When he was on the raft with two other men, he was convinced that he would survive and he ended up serving and in the prison camp, he believed that he wouldn’t die there. He was convinced that he would be able to hold a very heavy beam because he didn’t let his body shut down. I think this book is very inspirational because when he was tortured by the guards in Japan he went back to offer forgiveness to a person that tortured him.This book was all about details. The author interviewed everyone alive that knew Louis Zamperini or had any contact with him and that is important because the detail in the writing in so detailed and puts a picture in your head that is crystal clear. When I read this book, I felt as if I could witness the book.


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