Water water can be affected which is harmful

Water pipes that are aged, worn out, failing can be a problem to fix. There are articles and associations that solutions to it such as SSWM that covers the basics on water transportation pipes. Covering from the types of pipes to cost, it mentions how each pro and cons of how water pipes work. It even talks about the health aspects of the pipes. SSWM also provides a list on the disadvantages and advantages on water pipes. In a similar article Ryan T. Christensen talks more in depth of how aged pipes affect water in distribution system. This source is a thesis which includes summary, description of aged pipes, and even talks about the change in pressure. Christensen talks on the effect aging has on the pipes and problems it brings. It goes in details on how the health problems and rusty pipes affect us. Brings up a serious problem that if ignored can result in people getting sick or injured.Due to the leds being old and rusty the water can be affected which is harmful to human health. Drinking water that is lead contaminated can cause lead poisoning. To fix this you have to flush the water lines which reduces the level of lead in the water, also adding a acid neutralizer may health get rid of some of the lead. Recycled pipes can eventually break and cause even more problems.The U.S spends a lot of money on our waters and how they are cleaning our water but then all the pipes are getting that water dirty again so it is like it was a complete waste of money to try and clean the water in the first place.In our problem Fort Buchanan armies Net Zero Project and it’s goal to use only as much water as a it produces without deplete water sources. It described how Fort Buchanan has a non-potable well that they extract water from and store in the reservoir.  It also talks about other features of its water management system and the future for it. Fort Buchanan has been selected as one of the installations that will undergo the water net zero project. This project will mean that a place only uses as much water as they produce without depleting water sources.The local government in Puerto Rico case the municipalities must go hand in hand with federal agencies such as the EPA to monitor and replace the pipes when needed. It closes going into specific things the new water pipes should use such as no lead or possible toxic materials. This Article is not as specific as I would like it to be but it sheds light on many problems water systems could have if you let them age too much. Also the lack of writer name makes a bit spotty unlike the next article. The U.S. water infrastructure making it bigger and up to date. They go into how leak detections are now  more of a priority than ever seeing that many problems we are faced with today derive from past neglectance. There are new techniques such as a water quality monitoring station that gives you a real time status on water infrastructures in areas. An integration of existing databases will facilitate collaboration between utilities and a maximized use of gathered information to best fix before it becomes a much more unstable problem. The author is credible since its a website that focuses entirely and solely on engineering of all types and its managed by engineers. I personally like how it gave many different options that can facilitate or will in the future using technology as an integral part of the water infrastructure.  For the contaminated pipes to be healthy again you will have to filter the water and in a worse case completely change the water pipes which will need you to actually dig holes. Methods available and used in the market are, pipe coating which can help in preventing lead which can harm the water pipes but can be expensive as previously said and can fail after being installed as little as two to five years based on corrosive chemicals.  It is written by SF Gate and it goes into depth on why there is rust on the pipes in your house and how to take out most or all of the rust of the pipes. It tells you two different ways how to remove the rust or pipes.


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