What to keep our planet as healthy and

What is more important than the
world you live on? You wouldn’t be here without the ground you step on, so why
aren’t we taking care of it? It’s important for us and the future generations
to keep our planet as healthy and as safe as possible. We can begin doing this
by starting on simple tasks such as recycling. Recycling is returning materials
to their raw components and then using theses again to supplement or replace
new materials. It may not seem important but recycling has several healing
effects on the Earth such as slowing global warming, reducing water pollution,
and conserving landfill space.

Recycling can go back to the 1900’s, it became a more widely spread activity in
1970 when the celebration of the first Earth Day came to play. Earth day brings
awareness to many environmental issues including the need for recycling and
reusing. Ever since that day people around the world have been contributing to the
recycling process as much as they can. In 2015, according to JP Morgan, “A
growing list of cities and countries are adopting “zero-waste” goals”
(Goodyear). I believe that this has been the biggest step forward to reducing
waste since the 1970’s and I believe we can make zero waste happen.  

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is one of the best ways for us to have a positive impact on the world which we
live. Recycling can slow global warming, reduce water pollution, and conserve
landfill space which we are taking up with the excessive amount of waste we are
producing. Laura Parker from National Geographic stated, “Mass production of
plastics, which began just six decades ago, has accelerated so rapidly that it
has created 8.3 billion metric tons – most of it in disposable products that
end up as trash” (National Geographic). If people took the time to reduce,
reuse, recycle, then there wouldn’t be landfills filling up as excessively as
they should. Water pollution is another appalling problem, powerful enough to
lead the world on a path of destruction. Not only does it cause hazardous
problems to marine animals, several people die due to consumption of polluted
water.  According to Jenna Jambeck, “Our
estimate of 8 million metric tons going into the oceans in 2010 is equivalent
to five grocery bags filled with plastic for every foot of coastline in the
world”(Eight). Prioritizing the collection of plastic, and cutting down on
waste generation are the first basic steps to reduce the amount of plastic in
the ocean.

the other hand, there are a lot of people on the planet that think recycling is
a waste of time and even hurts the environment.  The biggest issues with recycling to other
people is that most plastics can’t be recycled, it is inefficient, and recycling
barely dents demand. As reported by Listverse, “There are about seven types of
plastic that you’ll find in day to day life, and only two of them are
recyclable”(Your). Everything else will be collected, sorted and then thrown
into a landfill making most of the recycling a waste. Demand for raw materials
are increasing every year and recycling may not help. For example, recycled
aluminum cans cannot give you the quality you need to make an airplane so
people must mine for new aluminum instead. Although there are some
disadvantages to recycling, I believe the advantages outweigh the

topic of recycling has been an ongoing discussion over the past seven decades
debating on if it actually preserves the earth. With the ocean being polluted
with unwanted plastic, landfills filling up at excessive rates, and toxins
surrounding us, it doesn’t matter if recycling doesn’t make a big impact. All
that matters are the small changes we make such as carrying a reusable water
bottle, or bringing your own grocery bags to the store. We have been careless
about taking care of our planet and it’s time to change; not just the way we do
things but the way we think also. 


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