Wildcraft and adventure some equipment’s and gear to

Wildcraft is an Indian outdoor and
adventure product company headquartered in Bengaluru.
The idea behind wildcraft started when a group of friends who were very
passionate about outdoor activities and adventures wanted to give similar people
who were also interested in outdoor activities and adventure some equipment’s
and gear to carry out their passion. At that time not many products were
available for outdoor enthusiasts in India.

Wildcraft began as an hobby in a garage with
three people behind it. It was a dream as only few people were interested in
outdoor adventures and they were unable to get the gears and equipment’s
required for them in India and even if they did , it wasn’t on par with
anything from abroad. Most of the equipment’s at that time was bulky, heavy,
outdated and very expensive. This was the reason why Wildcraft was created.

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These three people started to understand the
needs of different outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. They realised that people
were looking for the following qualities in their gears : Sturdy, Durable,
Reliable and functional products that can withstand the toughest of tough
terrains. From the very beginning these three people behind Wildcraft were very
focused on creating equipment that would satisfy all these qualities. With time
their dream turned into a reality and by 2007 and 2008 they launched their
brand with a team well established.

Wildcraft’s design and
construction satisfied the test of time and passed the test of tough terrains
outdoor. Whether it is apparel made of
breathable materials, ergonomically designed rucksacks or waterproof footwear,
our gamut of products has one mission – to enable people with gear that is
durable, resilient and sturdy, for their exploration of the outdoors.

Currently now , Wildcraft have
well established their dream and passion for the outdoor enthusiasts by
providing quality gears and have created a great deal of trust with their
customers. Wildcraft today stands for trust , that all their customers ,
whether it is the adventurous people or simply travelling people , place in
them and their products.


Wildcraft products are available at over 130 exclusive stores and 3,000
multi-branded stores across India. The company has grown from a hobbyist
‘garage’ brand 17 years ago to an INR 300+ crore company committed to enabling
and enhancing India’s pursuit of the great outdoors. The segment has been
growing at a CAGR of 16-20 percent, with the organised players growing even
faster at about 25 per cent CAGR. The co-founders of the company are Dinesh
Kaigonahalli, Siddharth Sood & Gaurav Dublish.




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